The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake.”
-Meister Eckhart, 13th Century Theologian & Writer

The Search Engine Optimization field is in it’s early stages as a “industry.”   I’d say SEO is at best only a field that’s been around about 15 years or so in its most recent iteration, unlike other more mature fields like Real Estate or hiring an Attorney.  Currently, the demand is quite high.  As a result, you’ll see most of the SEO Consultants, SEO Firms and Agencies typically FAIL to list their SEO rates.  Instead, you’ll see:

  • Fill out a form.  (Wait in line.  You’ll be lucky if we get back to you. )
  • Contact us today!  (We’ll get back to you tomorrow.  I mean, the day after.  Wait a second…maybe it will be next year?)

Our goal for our clients has always been to get GREAT SERVICE at a fair price!  With that said, there is a good reason why many of the SEO Consultants out there do ask you to call or email them to quote you an exact price for the job.  It’s because you could be asking them to do 1000 hours of work for a $1000 dollars.  We don’t think they think, nor do we that our services are worth $1 an hour.  Do you?  Nevertheless, you’re a busy decision maker trying to make your business grow & don’t have lots of time to ask around.  So, here’s the nitty gritty…

Thanks to a new Seattle friend, I’ve put together a pricing sheet for some initial jobs that can help us get to know each other and TRULY see what opportunities lay ahead without dumping too much money.

Phase I: SEO Work Pricing Table

SEO Audit of the Site & Custom Report

  • [What] We basically tell you everything and anything wrong about your site in Google’s eyes from Page Titles to the way your site is structured in terms of On page analysis.  In terms of Off page analysis, we explain how you are weak in terms of your “online reputation” and give you not only measurements of how weak, we also explain how you can resolve this over time.  We explain this against the top ranking factors that have been empirically proven to succeed along with our own factors which we’ve literally seen raise clients up the SERP and provide basically the crux of what SEO is in terms of consulting.
  • [Benefit] You will have a clear picture of your roadmap to SEO success and we will not give up until you do.  You will also understand if it’s your website or if it’s the links pointing to your website or if it’s the social signals that build up you online reputation or PR (page rank) and the many other items in Google’s complex, yet somewhat simple algorithm.  It’s like a mechanic examines your engine and finds out you need new spark plugs, a new right rear tire, or a new timing belt.  However, we explore every nook and cranny of your car and engine and tell you whether you need to a full tune it up (about 80-85% of our initial audits do) or if there are simply smaller issues and we need to just add better features to your car (website).
  • [Cost] This can be anywhere from a 1 hour to 10+ hour job.  We charge $88 / hour.

3 hours of keywords research (Starter Package) 

  • [What] We will examine al the different permutations and monthly inventory that Google provides as “empirical data.”  We will show you the top words and phrases in a clear report including “trending” information as well.  We will explore beyond the intuitive and provide literally “findings” beyond your current thoughts or “confirmation” of your beliefs via the most powerful information the world has provided in business history.
  • [Benefit] We’ll dive quite deeply into the various niches you can create content about and identify if it’s of strategic worth to continue or possibly even write about other topics you had no ide. We will build on the site you’ve already invested in, and make the most of it. Basically, we will find out what could be working against you or for you.  Frankly, this is the the foundation for “true demand” on the Internet.
  • [Cost] $200
  • [Options] Every hour beyond the intial research will be charged at $88 USD/hour]

Competitive Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) Analysis & Summary

  • [What] After selecting specific keyword targets, we will scour every “competitor” website in the top 10 and learn every little thing about their websites – the content, what links were pointing to them, what directories they may be on, if they are doing anything strategically different, how they might be “outranking” you in the search engine results page (SERP).
  • [Benefit] Once our analysis is complete, we’ll have a MUCH BETTER picture of what we need to do to get your site on Page 1 in SERPs.
  • [Cost] 3 hours / $200 per phrase/keyword
  • [Options] Every hour beyond the initial research will be charged at $88 USD/hour]

Analytics Analysis & Summary

  • [What] We will interview you to understand how you use Analytics and complement your knowledge.  We find that many clients ignore the many potential data points that Google tells us and gives us for free to make even better decisions.  We will also save you, as the client, the time to dive into the various areas that we will expose to you (if you feel like you want the training), by diving into each area and look for problems and opportunities based on your past traffic. We will go back as far as the data exists.
  • [Benefit] The training can be incredibly helpful.  It will be potentially like “How to read your budget” and understand what are your liabilities and assets and if they are going up or down.  You potentially could use an incredible resource more effectively.  Additionally, we will be able to help you understand beyond what you want to learn by simplifying what seems to be a “big hairy beast” for most.
  • [Cost] 2 hours / $100
  • [Options] If there is need, we can provide a monthly summary of information in a customized manner which will be catered to the clients needs.  $100 / monthly report

Webmasters Analysis & Summary

  • [What] First, we’ll set this up, if it hasn’t been set up (approximately 95% of our first time clients fail to have this set up).  Afterwards, we will go into your Google Search Console data and check for “searchability” (can Google crawl your site and index into their databases?), analyze how the site information is structured in google’s results (and offer solutions to problems), examine what “credit” google is giving to the site currently and match up with the needs of the client to see what “opportunities” we can fulfil by creating more content for what the client does not have now and understand how fast (site speed) the website is loading and help the client decide if hosting should be changed or kept.
  • [Benefit] This is the closest resource we have to knowing how google looks at your site.  While Google Analytics tells us the traffic and behavior of the traffic, this tells us if google even has us in their index.  It also tells us how we can make sure we are even at the “starting line” of the race or if we didn’t even get an entry for the competition.  If you are not in their index, you will obviously not be able to win their top prize: being at the top of any valuable search.  Additionally, google tells us “your site is slow” and we can find out what they are seeing on their end and obviously, if it is slow, there’s a higher chance that people are “bouncing” or leaving the website before you even have a chance to tell them “I’m the best thing you’ve ever seen.”
  • [Cost] 2 hours / $100
  • [Options] Additional hours in Google Webmasters are $88 / hour.  Google Webmasters is also where sometimes malware is identified and where we have to submit requests for reconsideration.  Depending on the issue, we could charge by hour or charge $500 for beginning to end which we found is actually below the work costs, but we don’t want the client to have to pay exhorbitant amounts for such a stressful problem.

The Best Blog Pinging List – Installed after provided access to his WordPress Admin Panel

  • [What] When ever you publish, edit or modify a post, WordPress sends ping to all the Ping services which is listed under your ping update service. So this way, ping services get notified about new post and search engine will quickly index them. We add the optimal list for pinging.
  • [Benefit] You will get the most exposure and the quickest potentially compared to your competitors who many times simply rely on the one that is set by default.  Frankly, we have one of the most comprehensive lists and it could be valued over $1000 USD or more by just handing it over, but we have decided to make it free.  Why?  Well, maybe we’re crazy or maybe we just care about our clients that much.
  • [Cost] $100 for a one time insertion into the WordPress settings.  There are currently 167 locations we have in our list vs. the default one (1).

If these don’t “jive” with you, we’re happy to provide these other options as well:

Small Business SEO Packages:

A: Standard Small Business SEO Package


Services provided in package A include:

  • Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools Setup (Yahoo & Bing: Optional)
  • Rigorous Homepage Keyword Research
  • On-Site Recommendations & Implementation including, but not limited to: Title Tag Optimization, Working on HTML Source Code, Image & Hyperlink Optimization, Semantic URL Consulting, Header Tag Optimization, Canonicalization
  • Linkbuilding Support & Guidance including Strategic Anchor Text Distribution
  • Basic link building with the option of a Press Release Submission
  • Exclusive List of Websites to obtain extra business and Links
  • Monthly consulting hours
  • Reporting after month 3
If you’re ready to go, please click the following button and let’s get you ranked!

Please send an email to us after you’ve made payment to start ranking!

B. Pay Per Click Campaign Management – starting at $300/month

C.  Customized SEO Pricing Solutions**

  • Project Based Contract (after detailed examination of SEO needs)
  • Pay for Traffic plans
  • Pay AFTER ranking with small down payment

D. Hourly SEO Consulting


E: A’la carte SEO Services (Please inquire, but using the hourly rate above, we can provide: SEO Assessment, directory submissions (so you don’t have to do it), link building & publicity campaigns, On page customization and adjustments, blogging advice, and much more!)

Please note that all can depend on any of these major factors

  • Size & Complexity of Website
  • Size of Brand/Organization
  • Difficulty of Project / Competitiveness of Rankings

But each plan has standard offerings which will be clearly detailed in the initial orientation meeting.  We are flexible and can adjust to almost any situation.  Feel free to suggest any reasonable adjustments to the payment structure.  Again, we’re in the belief of charging a fair price for both your needs and our time.

We also do offer PPC (pay per click) consulting along with social media marketing assistance, but please refer to the hourly charges above to get an idea of what would be charged to obtain these services from Seattle Organic SEO.  Additionally, we do assist new small businesses and professionals help with creating websites or getting their current websites upgraded.

And lastly, the smallest form of “taster” services…

1 Hour “What’s Wrong with my Website?” Pro SEO Consulting

Before we get into the different packages our clients who spend a bit of time with us because they’re committed to their SEO, we want to offer you folks out there a quicker solution which may tell you in a very inexpensive manner, “What’s wrong with my website?”  So, if you’re interested in literally getting one hour of analysis on the phone immediately with the Principal Brandon Na who’s helped many websites get higher than 300% increases in their website traffic in as short as 3.5 months, pay him $100 by clicking on the following button at a 33% off rate of the normal hourly consulting fee & he’ll tell you what’s wrong and why you aren’t ranking.  He’ll give you all his  best tips and will share with you what’s wrong with your website in that 1 hour call.  Just follow up with him after emailing and get your 1 hour “SEO Doctor” diagnosis of your website.  If you don’t want to take a risk and pay thousands of dollars, here’s an easy way to figure out what you need to do:

Website Consulting & Development

We’ve actually built up the ability to launch some very basic websites for very little.  For an $800 WordPress website like the one you see today, please feel free to reach out.

For more advanced and more stunning websites or logo design, we’ll recommend some other better Web Developers in Seattle like Sarah @ Great 8 Creative.