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We definitely understand Social Media, but we’re also trying our best to make sure we apply “best practices” given it’s relative beginning as an industry. The players (primarily Facebook) are even still trying to figure out their own popularity on the Internet and many things are broken. A great example is how “New Facebook Pages are not even found” on the Internet or even within Facebook. You should read this thread to the end to see the various issues.

We’ve even blogged about how Facebook isn’t necessarily the “cure all” in getting you website traffic or be your businesses’ front page. The above thread should be reason enough to question Facebook pages as a marketing tool, but more importantly, as we all know we need to truly think out things before asking someone to help us get 8 million likes on our Facebook page.

At the same time, we realize that “Facebook” and it’s different permutations like “facebook login” or “” are the most searched phrase(s) online. We document it here in our firm’s study of “what people are looking for online”. But let us at Seattle Organic SEO get it right before you stand in front of the 1.68 billion potential searches monthly for the social media hit in 2010 (and possibly beyond).