My SEO Tips on Quora

q and aI recently thought to myself: “Why is Quora getting all the benefit of my answers to their questions?” Why not put my “original content” here on the place it should of been written in the first place. These are some of my answers on Quora about SEO from February 7, 2011 thru February 24, 2011

What are some effective tips to quickly build inbound links and grow PageRank for a site?

Like Rand said, focusing on PR isn’t what you should be doing. It’s more about creating great content and having “reason” why people would be creating backlinks to your site.

There’s a reason why I bookmark a site or throw it into a spreadsheet so I can come back to it: it has great stuff I want to later read or possibly view. Focus on doing that first.

However, what your question sounds like to me is finding the best distribution points on the internet in order to give massive exposure and possibly have people link back to you. At least that’s how I’ll answer it. Continue reading “My SEO Tips on Quora” »

Google down?

This morning here around 9a PST, I was trying to multi-task as usual. I typed in “google analytics” as I usually do in my chrome and came back to the tab where I did it at. I had one of those messages on Chrome that said basically site wasn’t found (most likely due to the internet being down) like this:

Unfortunately, this isn’t the exact image, but it serves the point. (I failed to take a screenshot while confused & bewildered of the actual image 😉) Continue reading “Google down?” »

What are these Google Social Search Results?

My client who’s a fantastic Wedding Photographer for Hawaiian Weddings Derek Wong recently was looking at a search engine results page that he showed up on page one for.  Obviously, it was surprising given that he’s only risen to about position #35 in the 2 months we’ve been working with him (with this particular keyword phrase; disclosure: we’ve gotten him to page one for 4 distinct great keyword phrases, but this phrase is a bit more competitive – anyway).  So, instead of seeing himself on page 4 as he would expect, he was on page one.  Why?  Well, google’s been tweaking their social search recently which is supposedly still in beta as you’ll notice with Derek’s listing:

social search hawaii wedding photographer

Continue reading “What are these Google Social Search Results?” »

Dirty little secrets about (SEO) journalism

dirty little secrets of seo
Recently, I was forwarded by some friends an article from the New York times called “The Dirty Little Secrets of Search.”

It was truly disappointing.

Brand Name outweighs logic

Unfortunately, the NYTimes gets too much credibility for their brand name. Who the heck is David Segal? He’s a journalist who may have “some insight” into our field after digging around and learning a little bit of basic search industry concepts, but more likely is just taking advantage of google’s fame to basically satisfy his bosses (at the newspaper) and ultimately to help the NYTimes sell more newspapers. Frankly, he has ZERO clue to the realities of the SEO world. If he did, he wouldn’t have written the article.

So, the way he portrays the “Search Engine Optimization” world is that it’s dirty and possibly even peverted in the ways that SEO’s help websites rise to the top. So, should I reconsider my choice in career and business because of the article? Have I chosen the wrong field which helps immoral companies rise to the top?

SEO is not a sleezy industry Continue reading “Dirty little secrets about (SEO) journalism” »

Are you spending enough on PPC (Adwords)?

ppc spendThe question may be “do you need to?”
I’ve argued for quite a while that it’s more cost effective to focus on the organic search results vs. paying for Google adwords or other paid forms of online marketing. However, when thinking about PPC spends around the U.S., I keep on referring to this Advertising Age piece showing how much companies were spending on PPC (pay per click) advertising per month this past June (2010). Look at the chart below and you’ll see some really outrageous numbers on online advertising. These are NOT just online properties, but BP, JC Penney and ADT Security. Continue reading “Are you spending enough on PPC (Adwords)?” »

Facebook getting it's dogs out to sick Google

I sincerely wish I had more time to write about this little phenomenon about backroom strategies used by the biggest companies in the country to spoil each others’ efforts unfairly. However, I’ve become SOOO busy with requests to look at websites to increase their rankings on Google (yes, can I repeat Google?) and other search engines because there’s never been a bigger need for SEO in history, it seems. Continue reading “Facebook getting it's dogs out to sick Google” »

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