Scary Penguins: A Big Google Algorithm Update You Should Know About

My original post is hosted over at the Seattle SEO Network (to be published 4/30/2012) where I discuss in limited detail about some great posts/articles you should read about and a few personal thoughts about the changes. Take a look at the post by clicking on the above link to learn a bit about the bigger changes that Google’s implemented thus far this year – at least to the degree it’s affected websites and their traffic probably in the most significant way in 2012.

It’s basically the same level of impact, if not great than last year’s Panda update which was basically the main topic of the year in terms of it truly turned many website’s and their owners’ lives upside down.

Google will Never Lift their Penalties

Algorithm Change Penalties Can be Lifted for a Specific Website

Recently, I had a search for “when will google lift penalty of april 2012″ bring a visitor to our blog.  We have a post that talks about when penalties can be lifted against a particular site where Matt Cutts, the head of the spam team, talks about the process to get reconsidered within the search engine results pages.  It shows up on the first page for this search.

But Penalties/Changes Will Not Change For Everyone Necessarily

However, I chuckled to myself when seeing this search that resulted in a visit to our site.  It’s because the answer to the person’s question is Continue reading “Google will Never Lift their Penalties” »

SEO Done “Just Right”

Here’s an infographic by SEOBook that they like to call “Goldilocks SEO” we saw on Search Engine Land recently. Continue reading “SEO Done “Just Right”” »

Running your company on the cloud

cloud computingQuickie post today:

An interesting article that Matt Cutts shared on his Google Plus account about how to run a company on apps on the cloud.

Being Fresh with Quality :)

This past month, we’ve seen a large increase in traffic from not only “quality” searches (291 visits at the time of this writing for the past 30 days), but also “fresh” searches that we didn’t have at all before this month.

Looks like all our blabber about SEO needing to be “fresh” and search engine optimization depending on quality content is creating all this new & interesting website traffic.

**By the way, the image above was meant to sorta be a joke.  It shows how “great” my interactive graphic design skills are & honestly, I would rather have a better image if I had the proper resources to do it for a blog post.  

Yahoo Search Stops the Bleeding while Google & Bing Holding Steady

This past month’s search market share stayed relatively the same.  No big surprises or changes that rocked the search world.  This month, however, yahoo only dropped .1% vs. last month dropping .3%.

Despite search engine’s like Blekko claiming they’ve improved 400%, they still fail to be anywhere on the true radar of the largest search engines in the U.S.; even way below AOL which at least registers in this huge list of the top search engines of the world.  Blekko doesn’t even claim a 0.0X% presence on the same list.  So what if the unique IP’s are up 400%.  Like we showed in another blog post, but blekko has a LONG way to go in order to prove it’s a decent search engine.

We post the monthly numbers as much as possible on the side bar of our main site pages (other than the blog), but here they are in case you don’t want to search “[fill in the month] comscore data search engines”:

search engine market share march 2012

March 2012 U.S. Search Engine Market Share

Source: Comscore Press Release

3 Great New Features in Google Webmasters Tools (GWT)

Great New Additions to Google Webmasters Tools

Looks like GWT just added a few extra features that will now give us extra insight on what our website looks like to Google & where it might be ranking: Continue reading “3 Great New Features in Google Webmasters Tools (GWT)” »

Head of Google’s Spam Team Explains How Google’s Search Works

Here’s an 8 minute video that Matt Cutts, head of the Spam team at Google, just shared with us on his Google Plus account:

Why Google Still Dominates

When visiting Search Engine Land, I noticed in their suggested articles that the 3rd Featured article at the bottom of the homepage was a story about how Blekko’s traffic increased (almost) 400%.

However, regardless of what they say about the search engine that claims it’s “free of spam,” it still has a LONG way to go in order to compete with Google or even with weaker search engines like Bing or Yahoo.

3 VERY apparent examples of why Blekko still sucks: Continue reading “Why Google Still Dominates” »

Top Content Management Systems – Usage Statistics

Wordpress Usage

Keeps on Growing!

WordPress is a MUST for your CMS

If you haven’t figured it out by now, WordPress is dominating the Content Management Systems (aka CMS) throughout the world.  If you check out their WordPress Statistics Central Page, you’ll see in real time.  Update: Here’s a great article talking about the numbers behind WordPress & it’s future.  

Some major sites who use it include the following:

major websites that use wordpress

And the rest of the data is in the page that I don’t need to repeat here.  It’s pretty obvious.  I’m not even a WordPress rep and unable to get any reimbursement for my time touting them as the best.  It’s simply just a fact.  Check out data from other sites.

Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere identifies some great facts about the top CMS’es used:

WordPress Completely Dominates Top 100 Blogs

Pingdom also did a Recent Study (published only a little over a week ago in April 2012) titled “WordPress completely dominates top 100 blogs” sharing:  Continue reading “Top Content Management Systems – Usage Statistics” »

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