If you’re a beer drinker or even if you’re not, you probably know the brand name Heineken.  They’ve spent plenty of money branding themselves and putting themselves in the right distribution paths that many people know who they are.  However, if they continue to ignore an almost “free opportunity”, if not a very efficient marketing opportunity, honestly they’re throwing away a bit of money away despite being willing to spend millions per quarter in the past to get in front of consumers.

It’s a very obvious fact that we’re in a wired world.  We won’t even go into the statistics, but if you are curious at all, feel free to read our post about Internet Statistics Resources.

And despite what a friend of mine who used to work within the organization’s marketing team, it’s pretty clear Heineken’s marketing team isn’t taking all the searches for “lager beer” or the like that seriously.  The argument was made that many young men won’t search online for their next bottle of lager.  We would agree actually, but how about women?  Or how about the younger men who are doing everything on their iPhones moving forward?

Well, BOMB Lager and Landshark Lager don’t seem to be resting on their laurels.  They show up on page 2 of the searches for “lager beer” and are potentially building up their brand for especially potential consumers who never even knew who they were.  I certainly didn’t until I did the search.

So, why do the folks over at BOMB or Landshark care?  Well, supposedly 3600 or so searches are done monthly for the phrase “lager beer” and a number of them are probably learning about these 2 lager beer brands.  Heineken doesn’t even show up in the top 20 pages.

Heineken’s Marketing team or management might be brushing this news off by saying “it’s only 3600 times a month or probably even just a fraction of that frankly.”  Yes, again, we would be in agreement there.  However, how about searches for:

  • “lager” – 40,500X’s/mo
  • “lagers” – 4400X’s/mo
  • “beer lager” – 390X’s/mo
  • “best lager beer” at 140X’s a month which I hope if they have any pride for their company, they would think it’s the best.
  • or even the 446 other potentially related phrases that equate to about 400,000 searches a month exactly; which means there could be even more per month since the [exact] method of determining monthly searches is the most conservative
  • and moving forward, if we calculate that times the 12 months, there are potentially close to 5 million eyeballs annually they are passing up
  • and we haven’t even touched their other products which are even more opportunities

I’m sure their traditional media agency is convincing them their TV, Radio and other forms of media are producing similar stats in terms of exposure and charging a TON more.  And these “millions” aren’t even trackable whereas all the numbers we just produced are.

Well, this is why companies like Cheezburger or SEOMoz come out of nowhere leveraging what google & other search engines have done in our digital world.  Many of oligarchs in the Fortune 500 don’t realize there are much more efficient and much better forms of marketing now available at their disposable.

And the irony is that Heineken is “trying to take this online thing seriously” it appears.  They bought and built up at least 5 English websites to market their products:

  • heineken.com
  • heinekenusa.com
  • heinekeninternational.com
  • heinekenexperience.com
  • enjoyheinekenresponsibly.com

But unfortunately, just like houses that are built out in the middle of the forest…these websites aren’t being found.  They may look beautiful, but…

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