Not even the Best SEO’s in the business know SEO 100%

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of verbage online by other “Social Media Experts” and “Marketing Gurus” or even Web Developers offer SEO services.  The ones I’ve bothered to talk to for the most part do not do most of their SEO work because frankly, they:

a) don’t like to do SEO

b) don’t understand how to do SEO

I respect these folks for admitting they don’t know how to do it or don’t want to do it because they realize how much time is involved in truly maximizing the benefits of SEO with a website.  These are the people I will probably call later to ask for their expertise in Social Media or Web Development.   Continue reading “Not even the Best SEO’s in the business know SEO 100%” »

SEO Fiascoes article is a fiasco itself

Instead of posting my comment on John C. Dvorak’s column in PC Magazine, I thought I’d just post it here since honestly, he won’t approve the comment anyway.  So, just think of this as the comment below his unintelligent piece about SEO being snake oil accidentally getting approved by one of his interns he later fires.

“Frankly, I’ll be surprised if you even approve this. It looks as if you haven’t approved a single comment b/c there’s NO way that NOT a single person (especially if any SEO in his/her right mind read this) did NOT try to respond to your own “snake oil.”

First, John (can I call you John?), if SEO is snake oil, why do companies spend millions of dollars on it? Is it because every corporation who spends their money on “snake oil” just love to dump marketing dollars into a business that you basically call “unproven nonsense” for their websites? Why does Thomson Reuters have 50 SEO’s on staff? Is it because they’re stupid and not some $12.9 billion company that’s been able to avoid the pitfalls that it’s friends in the newspaper business has?

Second, Continue reading “SEO Fiascoes article is a fiasco itself” »

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