biznik sucksJust received an email from someone who I thought I could respect at one point for creating a great & free community for Independent Business people who gathered online, built up their authority through the community and shared a bit of offline networking because of the website.  It was an email basically justifying why they decided to start charging everyone who’s participating in the “paid version of LinkedIn” and that she was proud at the decision she & her team of a handful of people did in Fremont.

The new “paywall” isn’t what bothers me, but rather it’s what she says in the body of the email.  Reading through it, it seems there were some people who weren’t happy about the new way the website prevents people from getting a “free ride” and it was a response to some of those who weren’t so pleased with the changes.  However, she writes in the middle of this “Open Letter”:

It’s got me thrilled! I was getting tired of the bogus profiles, the SEO companies creating free account stuffed with keywords, battling the spam.

Excuse me?  “The SEO companies creating free account stuffed with keywords?”  OK, bogus profiles or spam might be problems, but if you’re going to mix my profession in with 2 things obviously everyone hates, you’ve just slapped me and my profession in the face.  

Yes, I would agree there are a number of folks in the industry that sometimes doesn’t give an impression that it’s the best profession in the world, but come on Laura, you, yourself depended on the success of your own SEO, hired Brian Rauschenbach to optimize your site so you guys could have success and bragged about how biznik could give you SEO benefits.  Now, you’re basically bashing SEO’s on your way to justifying your new paywall?

I remember standing in front of the camera talking about how I believed in Biznik at one point because it provided me a great chance to network with some great people and how it helped our business at the beginning.  However, I’m now taking all that back given that you can make a statement about a profession with such ease and negativity.  It’s like calling out lawyers for being unethical specifically because it makes a sentence flow better.  We all know there are good lawyers and bad.  We also know there are good SEO’s and bad ones, but there’s no need to make such a snide comment.

If I wasn’t so busy helping clients literally “survive” with the SEO work we do (and might I add, it’s why I got into this business…to help small businesses flourish from one of the most efficient forms of marketing in history), I might make even further efforts by asking all Search Marketers to make you regret what you’ve said about SEO’s.

p.s. You might want to proofread your emails before you send them out.  It’s “…accounts stuffed with keywords.”  And frankly, no decent SEO would stuff their account with keywords to get some perceived silly benefit that doesn’t exist.  It’s the many who might not understand truly what real SEO is that might say that.

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