After downloading the .zip file of the theme you’ve bought from Themesforest or other wordpress themes site, you’ll want to follow the next instructions with your Dreamhost account.  If you want to save $50 off a new account making it very affordable, enter in the code “50OFFDREEEEMY.”

1. Login to  your Dreamhost Web Host Account

login to web host

2. click on the Domains link on the left hand side

3. Click on the “Manage Domains” link

Click on Domains link

4. Click on WebFTP link on the domain you want to add your theme to

click on the domain you want to add the theme to

5. You might have to enter your password again

Enter password again in dreamhost

6. Click on the wp-content folder link to open it up (or enter the folder)

click on the wp-content folder link7. Click on the themes folder link to open it up (or enter the folder)

click on the themes folder

8. This is where it can get hairy.  I would recommend creating a folder here by clicking on the New dir link and creating one.

create new directory link9. Fill in the New directory name by typing in the name of the theme you bought

Fill in the new directory name10. Then upload the theme by clicking on the Upload link

Upload the theme11. It will probably be a zip file and so you’ll want to add it under the Archives (zip, tar, tgz, gz) which is on the right of the Uplaods files and archives menu/page

Upload into the zip file section of the page

12. Hopefully, it will unzip properly, but if you have any issues with it creating another folder within the folder, you’ll want to move all the files from the new folder into the main part of the directory.  Call us or email us on how to do this.  This can be also very hairy.

Again, this is why we sometimes tell clients if they just give us the login credentials, we’ll do this.
If this is all done properly, you should see the new theme show up in the Manage Themes page of your WordPress Dashboard.

new theme should show up in your wp dashboard

Congratulations if everything works out perfectly!  🙂


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