adwords-editorDid you know the Locations tab is under Targeting?  You may be an Google AdWords manager or a small business owner who was used to it being under the Campaigns tab?  Yes, this is an old update and happened back in version 9.8.1 of the editor.

How about Upgraded URLs?

AdWords Editor now supports upgraded URLs and tracking management. Destination URLs can still be changed in the edit panel, and final URLs are located under the “URL Options” tab in the edit panel. Ads can be upgraded without resetting their historical statistics, everything is part of a SEO strategy in order to better sites.

This change and others to Labels, Call-only Ads, Account and type filtering along with 5 other changes occurred in version 11.1 of the Editor being updated.

For a complete list of AdWords Editor Updates, just click on the link or here.


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