facebook new profileDoesn’t look like Facebook’s announced it on their blog, but it appears the dominant social networking site is now slightly nudging users who haven’t updated their profile to update to the “new look” if they want to.   If you look at the top of your profile, you should see a little button asking you to “start tour.”

facebook new profile tour button

I mentioned earlier it wasn’t something that showed up on your account and you had to visit a part of their site to “upgrade” here. However, the new buttons asking you to change the profile on your facebook profile page are showing up on users who continue to use the old profile page.  So, if you see the button on the top of your profile page, you now know what it is.  If you want to hear more about the “new facebook profile page,” here’s the post on their blog explaining the new look.

*By the way, I got this little snapshot of the button on my friend’s facebook profile page who refuses to update her profile page.  She doesn’t like the look.  We’ll see how long she holds out.  😉

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