One of my clients who uses Facebook as a significant means to market their products & services was asking me “When are the peak times for Facebook?” Well, I could intuitively tell you from past research that people surf online mostly during work on the weekdays. It would make sense that people would probably try to get work done in the morning and then in the afternoon start trailing off and looking at their personal email & facebook accounts. Well, one social media publishing software provider Vitrue decided to post some details of a study they did online with MediaPost Communications, a provider of resources to advertising, media and marketing professionals.

Their study pointed out that the click through rates in wall postings on Facebook peak out on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. From the looks of the graph, it seems like there’s significant activity starting off on Monday on the social networking site and it grows to it’s highest rates for people clicking on those messages posted on each other’s walls. Wednesday is just a tad less and then Thursday drops off quite heavily.


facebook activity during the week


Facebook users peak out at 3p most days and the activity is quite high from 12p to around 6p.


facebook use in terms of time of the day graph


There is interesting contrasting data though. A study released by Cisco, the network switches company which many say helped build the backbone of the Internet identifies peak Internet usage. They say that people are surfing on the Internet between 9p and 1a around the world. So, people are peaking at night and not during the day as they are when they are using their Facebook accounts. I wonder what they’re doing at that late hour? Hmmmmm… (I’ll bet you there’s a correlation between that time at night and the most expensive domain name purchased 😉

Also, some other interesting data that Cisco provides us Internet professionals is the extreme growth on the Internet.  First, let me share the Internet traffic growth from 2009 to 2014.  The U.S. and Korea lead the way. (the key to the graph will follow)

Internet Traffic Growth Data Internationally


Country Key for Internet Growth

And they also identify what’s going to become more frequently used, in terms of applications and tools on the Internet.  File sharing and InternetVideo lead the way here.  (the key to the graph will follow)

Internet Usage By Product


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