facebook subscribe buttonExactly 2 weeks ago, Facebook launched what may remove your need to type in “Twitter.com” into your browser’s url field.  The ginormous social media company has thrown in your ability to “follow” or “subscribe” as they put it to newsfeeds or walls of other people who might not be in your friend’s list moving forward.

A few stories from relatively larger well known publications can be found here regarding the story:

Frankly, I don’t read much on Twitter and only go there when I know someone’s tweeting something I may find useful.  So, this newsfeed I can now manage via Facebook might be more useful to me.  I’m not sure if I truly have the need to go to Twitter now.  Will you?


So, I decided to give it a test run.  I subscribed to a few people so far:
Subscribe to Janitor at Facebook?
I was tempted to subscribe to a “Janitor at Facebook” by the name of Paul Saab, but decided to keep this list of people I subscribe to small for now.  If I do find the interest later, maybe I’ll come back to my own post on the topic and find him here.


Well, I’ll be giving it a try and when I do have problems or issues, I guess I can turn to my handy Facebook Help pages which I’m sure are as good as Google’s.  At least there’s something I can turn to…

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