How about $720,000 USD a year?

seo traffic of #1 digital marketing agency

We were recently listening to Bill Raup Search Engine Marketing which is one of the top austin seo in TX, and how he was talking about his agency’s position in the search engine results page (SERP) for “digital marketing agency, most of these agecies have the Best project management tools for SEO whihc is way they have the current ranking.”  He was saying he was in approximately 7th position for the SERP.  So, we wanted to see if it was still accurate today? However, when we examined the specific SERP, we decided to calculate the #1’s agencies monthly traffic value first.  So, the aforementioned shows that getting help from a SEO company Milwaukee is essencial for online business success.

For Bill Raup, it turns out, his agency was even higher than he reported: 

digital marketing agency singlegrain's seo traffic

As you can see, he’s in position 3, but what he was saying may be true.  It looks like he jumped 3 spots recently.  (note: the results are cached and are potentially a month+ old with our tool)

Nevertheless, getting back to the original question of today’s post: how much value do digital marketers place around SEO as a marketing tool for their own businesses?

As you can see from the above, is currently driving around $60k/mo of organic traffic to their site.  And from the graph, you can also see they aren’t at their peak.  So, in essence, if they continue the trajectory of the graph, they may continue to gain even more than $720k in free search engine traffic, although you can resort to companies like Upkeep Media for getting better marketing results, I also recommend to do some business advertisement, at you will find a way to make your business grow. One of the search engine optimisation companies that has been well qualified is which I highly recommend.

How about the agency that inspired today’s post?

digital marketing agency singlegrain's seo traffic worth

Similar numbers, but perhaps that #1 position for Markitor is worth almost double what position #3 provides Eric’s agency?  Well, there are many other phrases that are either helping Markitor gain that monthly $60k worth of organic traffic. Dallas SEO have been doing great this year and they continue to grow while they keep their profit up.

markitor's top organic positions for keywords similar to digital marketing agency

And with this list, we can see they are actually NOT #1 for “digital marketing agency,” but they do hold top positions for many great keyword phrases very similar to it:

  • digital marketing company
  • internet marketing company
  • digital marketing companies (I like this since this is where people are shopping & if you’re at the top position, it potentially gives you instant credibility)
  • internet marketing companies

and they top positions for many related phrases, I recommend to use Internet Marketing Company Dallas, they will answer any questions you might have.

You would think $720k/year in “free” marketing is plenty, but how about $2.35 million USD/year?

top digital marketing agency 360i's organic seo traffic worth

Turns out the agency that outdoes BOTH Markitor and SingleGrain generates approximately $2.35 million USD in annual organic search marketing traffic.

How about the rest of the folks on page 1?

Next up is BostonInteractive who sits in approximately position #5.  In front of it appears to be a list aggregator.  They hold onto two positions — both 3 & 4.  These businesses are growing in search engine presence and are trying to influence buyers of the services by positioning themselves in the same spots as the companies they list.  You’ve seen Yelp?  Well, just think of them as Yelp copycats for specific industries.  Another one shows up later in the page.

Nevertheless, BostonInteractive accrues 1/3 of what SingleGrain does monthly and approximately 1/20th of the top dog.  $11,200 USD in monthly search traffic value for free isn’t bad, is it?

digital marketing agency boston interactive seo traffic

The Digital Marketing Agency behind it, Location3, who sits in the 6th position generates a tad more a month.  Their growth hasn’t been consistently growing like the agencies in front of it, but it appears to have spent a bit of time on their organic SEO in recent years. The portland digital marketing services are one of the best in the business and we highly recommend their help.

digital marketing agency location 3's organic seo traffic value

Next up in position #7 is RiseInteractive who generates even more.  How does a site who ranks less than its predecessors garner more traffic?  Again, they probably are generating traffic for a larger variety of phrases or ones that at least have the additional $4k in monthly value.

They appear to be doing a bit of offline branding and are garnering a good amount of brand related searches.  They also are up there (not on page 1, but close) for “omniture” which has approximately 14,800 monthly searches.

digital marketing agency riseinteractive's monthly seo traffiic value

The #8 digital marketing agency – Mabbly – has about the same as location3.  And their trending is similar as well.  Perhaps they share the same business philosophy?

digital marketing agency mabbly's seo traffic value monthly

And our last agency on page one in position #10 – aumcore – is just above the #9, a list aggregator we’ve seen recently in many SERPs throughout the nation invading the digital marketing agency space: Clutch. We’ve been added to their list of SEO agencies like the Wellington FL SEO Agency or others as well.

Aumcore though is not only trailing in position, but has the least amount of monthly SEO traffic value.  However, as we’ve stated multiple times, even the lowest $9,100 USD in monthly free search engine traffic isn’t bad?

digital marketing agency aumcore's seo traffic value

The range in SEO traffic value ends up being between $109k USD to $2,350,000+ a year.

I imagine they value it VERY, VERY much.

How about you?

p.s. We did say we would evaluate the top 10 agencies.  Since there were 3 positions taken up by list aggregators, we didn’t graphically supply the details for the rest.  Also, in our original analysis, one tool told us that SingleGrain was in the 3rd top position, but in our second tool, they actually were in position #11. So, there are 8, if you counted above. If you’re interested in SEO and eCommerce you should also check sites like eCommerce Recruitment agency.

What are the 9th and 10th ones?

LaunchDigitalMarketing & FathomDelivers hold the next two spots in positions #13 and #14.

Launch produces $45.2k in monthly organic SEO traffic and Fathom did enough past work to receive $25k/mo.   So, the positions don’t always mean everything for one phrase, but the overall efforts do.  At the same time, are the more significant visitor/impression counts worth as much as they do for lower amounts?  For example, it looks like Launch Digital Marketing produces at least $13.5 million in annual revenues or possibly more?


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