So, why are we posting about some hot body on Sports Illustrated?  And why are there so many spelling errors in the title?

Today, on google trends we learned that a trend in searches is “kate upton” (spelled correctly) garnering the top searches on google for Feb 8, 2013.  It’s early…so it might be more than the 50,000 or so searches that they are currently estimating.

Well, the news reminded me of me of a post that I had mispelled Miss USA in 2009.  Instead of correctly spelling “miss”, I labeled it on purpose as “Ms” to see what sort of search results I could garner.  I called the post “A sick Ms. Indiana wins the 2009 Miss America pageant.”  You noticed that I mispelled it in the initial iteration of “miss”?  First, the spelling error is to the left and possibly giving more weight to the post’s mispelling instead of the correct spelling of the title.   The post got me close to 500 visits due to it. 

Google will probably address this moving forward and if you do search for “ms usa”, you will notice they automatically display results with the correct spelling.

Well, let’s see if they have fixed it here in 2013.  I’ll post an update if I’m right.  However, the point is still clear.  There are opportunities in how people search for phrases.  Don’t forget that people are imperfect.  They mispell their searches, they’re in a hurry and type shorter words or they’re lazy…regardless, people are people.   Don’t forget there are different forms of search behavior when thinking up strategies in how to leverage these realities.

There are possibly other reasons why the post did well though are a) it’s about sexy woman which lots of people search for anyway & writing about a topic that has a ton of searches, but getting even a tiny share can be a significant amount of traffic.  And b) images garner quite a bit of traffic as well.  I did create a small gallery of photos in the post which may have lead to all the traffic that day as well.

Let’s see…and I’ll report findings, if anyone expresses interest.  Nevertheless, the reality of the aforementioned are true.

And here’s a little gallery of photos for Kate Uptin for the benefits of the image searches, rather Kate Upton:


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