free live stream your businessI saw this website’s application for the first time when Facebook decided to broadcast a live Q&A called “Facebook Office Hours.” Basically, the marketing team decided to answer questions live that were posted about what people can do with their Facebook Pages for their businesses, their profiles (if they were a celebrity or wanted to create a brand), or any other use you can think of for a Facebook page.

Then I surfed over to the website’s main page to learn more about them and found a live stream of “The Invisible Children channel.”

invisible children livestream

They say they are “broadcasting live from San Diego, CA. We’re trying to raise a million dollars to rebuild schools in Uganda (that’s cool) so we figured we’d stay up all day and night and get your help to make it happen. We need your support and your money. Hang out with us here on Livestream.” So, it’s a non-profit that are try to take advantage of their antics while becoming sleep deprivated to raise funds from what it appears to be a good cause. They make fun of Justin Bieber and there was a bit of ruckus when the “mail arrived” in the office. So, it seemed like a fun office that maybe someone might get “hooked in” like reality television. There were 86 people watching at the time that I surfed over the homepage of Livestream.

Maybe have a [Fill in your Business Name] Office Hours like Facebook did. You could fill it with things you want to say, answers to questions from clients or prospective clients, and hopefully other interesting things that people would want to actually want to watch.

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