If you’re like us, you’re not a fan of Facebook’s refusal to give quality customer support.

Like it’s predecessor, Facebook is doing everything they can to NOT provide all the small businesses out there a “live voice” to ask questions and resolve issues.

Today, a client of ours has entered their credit card information for an account (Facebook page) we manage.  However, when you try and access it through “Business Manager,” you can’t see any intuitive option to gain access.  From what we can see, you can’t get the access like you can in Google Adwords.

So, what does one do when faced with this dilemma?

You google it:

“Facebook business Accessing Client’s Payment Method”

Even Google is confused with Facebook

Google doesn’t know which result to give because all of them are relatively atrocious.  The first one isn’t as relevant, but is the most popular page for general payment questions re: Facebook Business Manager.

The second one happens to be a place that I posted eons ago about how terrible Facebook is in taking care of its customers and the agencies that could potentially build up their revenue:

Facebook 1-800 Number Doesn’t Exist

So, without much clarity beyond the obvious like “ask the client to give you better permissions,” (which frankly is very challenging for many clients), you start looking for the obvious.

In the many permutations of googling it, you get spammy entries in their community that just pose as 1-800 numbers that are not them.

Even Google Adwords has a 1-800 Number

Come on Mark Zuckerberg.  Learn from Brin and Page.  Get a customer support department.

Even the cheapest CEO in the world (Jeff Bezos) has one.

At least outsource it to India so we have some options.











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