A year ago, I wrote a post: Pinterest SEO – You better jump on the bandwagon for this Social Media Site.  It was based not only on my own belief this website had all the makings of the next Facebook, but it also had some great statistics behind it.  The growth of the website where you can save images to little boards you create & save came out of nowhere.  Nobody suspected that “pinning” would catch on as quickly as it did, but as I explained, it was similar to the “like” phenomenon.  Also, the concept of creating followers like Twitter was appealing as well.  Nevertheless, the site was skyrocketing up the Internet traffic charts: 

As you can see from the graphic, the website had less than 2 million unique visitors in May of 2011 and as of January 2012, it had grown to close to 12 million uniques/month.  In the following, you’ll see their growth continued to be astronomical:

While the desktop growth only grew from 17 million uniques to 27 million from January to July of the same year (not bad for 6 months), the growth in mobile expanded from approximately 4 to over 14 million uniques and looks to continue to explode (according to Nielson).

Even though I knew, unfortunately, I was a little skeptical that my industry would benefit as much as the other ones in the following categories they have on their site.  However, in retrospect, I probably should of at least tried a bit harder.  I now regret it a bit.   Also, some literature about the legal ramifications of pinning also discouraged me.  Nevertheless, I still felt many industries like fashion, anything related to image and women, children & baby related businesses, design, cars, motorcycles and much more could have leveraged this site.  And if you haven’t leveraged it yet, check out the following categories and start to figure out how you can potentially leverage it’s exploding traffic.

And the following two examples are folks who listened, if not lead the way:

Beth is a “mommy blogger turned home design blogger. ”  I accidentally tripped over one of her pics in Pinterest recently that lead me to her post titled “How to go viral on Pinterest (and other Pinnable tips)“.  She writes how she’s been able to develop a following of 200,000+ folks on the pinnable site.

However, it wasn’t her post or her success story that impelled me to write today’s post.  It was actually accidentally discovering H. M. who runs an Etsy shop called ReneeVintage out of Austin, TX.  Beth has 200k+, but H. M. has 15X’s that at 3,078,056 followers.

I discovered H.M. by clicking on a recent follower of mine who either pinned something I owned and I noticed H.M. was someone she pinned.  Out of curiosity, I decided to click on H.M.’s account and was blown away.  

The irony of discovering H.M. was that she had a message on her Etsy store saying she was “on vacation.”  Most likely from all the success she’s ascertained from all the traffic she’s gotten from Pinterest!

On another note, I tried to find competing Pinterest users who had as many by searching “most pinterest followers” and similar, but only found lists that had sub 1 million followers placing H.M. at the top.

While H. M. is impressive, after sleuthing a bit more, I found some even MORE impressive users of the Social Media site.

Top Pinterest Users with the Most Followers

Joy Cho – 12.4 million followers

Jane Wang – 7.7 million followers

[Insert H.M. with ReneeVintage – 3.078 million followers]

Daniel Hunley – 1.68 million followers (top male thus far)

Eat, Sleep, Wear (Kimberly) – 1.02 million followers

This places H. M. at 3rd, but she wasn’t to be found on this article on Time telling us that she’s one of the Top 30 Pinners we should follow.


p.s. I believe in practicing what you preach…so I’m at least active on Pinterest here.  While I don’t have an SEO board for pins, I do have a “Bidnezz” board which will probably contain all my pins on SEO for now.

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