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Comscore’s Rankings: Google Increases US Search Engine Market Share in Feb 2022

For what it seemed like a continuous expansion of Microsoft's Bing into US market share for searches, Google has reclaimed a slight bit of the American market.  In Feb 2022's report by Comscore, Google reclaimed a 0.1% in searches for the US: Yahoo or Verizon Media...

Comscore Search Engine Market Share (US) Jan 2022

Comscore's Latest Search Engine Market Share Data - Jan 2022 As of January of this year, Comscore has reported Google's market dominance is still above 60%, but Microsoft's Bing has continued to capture more than 25% of the US search volume here in 2022.  The Redmond...

Top Smartphone Apps by Usage – 2021

Popular Apps TL;DR The truth behind Apps Data Our Top (Google) Apps by usage SimilarWeb's Top Apps Lists (for both Android and iOS) "You can't handle the truth" (about apps) It's been critical to me to understand the entire landscape when it comes to online...

Facebook Audiences Data: Women (30-50 year old) in Top Cities

I was asked by my friends at a great Women's Organizations about the demographics in some of the top digital platforms targeting a specific age group and gender on: FB Insta Tiktok Youtube Twitter. Unfortunately, nobody's built out my "VisiCalc" idea where you take...

Using Google SEO to Increase YouTube Visibility

ClubHouse YouTube Secret Strategies Sitting on the stage to "add some value to the conversation" to all the YouTube experts. If you haven't heard, there are bombs being dropped day in and day out by some of the top experts in YouTube.  On this stage is: Farhad Meher...

All the ClubHouse App Statistics You Can Eat

All the ClubHouse App Statistics You Can Eat

ClubHouse Valuation as of Jan 21, 2021 $1 Billion USD Source: Software Pundit on 2/19/21 ClubHouse Statistics by SoftwarePundit (+ More stats inline) as of 2/19/2021 As of 2 days ago, here are some amazing stats that Bruce Hogan, Co-founder & CEO of SoftwarePundit...

Top Influencers on the Next Tik Tok: ClubHouse

Top Influencers on the Next Tik Tok: ClubHouse

If you haven't heard of it yet, ClubHouse is the new rage.  It's the Tik Tok for older people in my humble opinion -- via Audio.  Think of Zoom meets Podcasts and had a beautiful step daughter.  OK, that was a horrible analogy, but it's a bunch of people having...

2021: The Best SEO Websites in the World

2021: The Best SEO Websites in the World

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery If you haven't heard it already, you better start repeating it and applying it to everything you do -- at least if you want to become a better SEO.  The other use case is if you want to become the next Bezos, Barton or any...

Top 10 Pinterest Topics – June 2020

Top 10 Pinterest Topics – June 2020

Pinterest began sharing analytics more than a year ago to users.  Simultaneously, the social media pinning site continued to retain it's popularity across many lists as one of the more popular sites in the world.  Recently, it just added another "share" called the...

Top Websites from the Top Resources Online

Top Websites from the Top Resources Online

There are many lists of "top websites," but we've learned most of them.  However, we  haven't ever put together a blog post of where to find all of them or even place a list together here in a single blog post.  As a result, here in June 2020, we thought we would...

Top 10 YouTube Partner Channels by Comscore | April 2020

Top 10 YouTube Partner Channels by Comscore | April 2020

Top YouTube Partner Channels Ranked by Unique Video Viewers April 2020 Total U.S. - Desktop Computer, Home and Work Locations. Content Videos Only (Ad Videos Not Included) # Property Total Unique Viewers (000) 1 UMG @ YouTube 47,718 2 BroadbandTV @ YouTube 41,356 3...

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U.S. Searches - Feb 2021

Google Sites 61.7%
Microsoft Sites 6.3%
Verizon Media 11.2%
Ask Network 0.8%

U.S. Searches - April 2020

Google Sites 62.3%
Microsoft Sites 25.7%
Verizon Media 11.2%
Ask Network 0.8%

U.S. Queries - Feb 2021
Search Queries are shown in units of a million
Google Sites 12,689
Microsoft Sites 5405
Verizon Media 2320
Ask Network 156

U.S. Queries - Apr 2020
Search Queries are shown in units of a million
Google Sites 12,696
Microsoft Sites 5225
Verizon Media 2277
Ask Network 155

Top 5 Multi-Platform Properties - Mar 2021
Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
1) Google Sites 271,795
2) +2 Verizon Media 220,093
3) Facebook 220,013
4) -2 Microsoft Sites 218,458
5) Amazon Sites 214,560

Top 5 Multi-Platform Properties - Apr 2020
Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Google Sites 259,592
Microsoft Sites 226,435
Facebook 222,151
Verizon Media 215,339
Amazon Sites 208,132

Source: comScore

“Explicit Core Search” excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results.

Source: Comscore

Browser Statistics - May 2021 <- Mar 2020 <- Mar 2019 -
Chrome 64.47%<-62.58%<-57.64%
Safari 18.69%<-15.64%<-14.81%
Firefox 3.39%<-4.7%<-5.38%
Edge 3.39%<-???<-???
Samsung Internet 3.3%<-???<-???
Opera 2.22%<-2-3%<-3.65%
UC Browser ?<-2-3%<-7.37%
Internet Explorer ?<-2.56%<-3.11%
Source: Statcounter Browser Market Share

More Historical Internet Stats Here

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