Upgrading to Facebook’s new Profile Look on your personal account

If you’ve noticed some of your friends “looking different” on Facebook, but you look the same ole drab of a look you’re used to on Facebook, it’s because they’ve “upgraded” […]

Livestream – a great tool to make your business MUCH MORE personal

I saw this website’s application for the first time when Facebook decided to broadcast a live Q&A called “Facebook Office Hours.” Basically, the marketing team decided to answer questions live […]

First ever Facebook Office Hours for Facebook Pages by the Facebook Marketing Solutions Team

Hope you get this in time, but tomorrow (December 17th, 2010) at 11a PST/7p GMT Facebook will actually answer your questions.  Yes, you will no longer have to do their […]

Why is Time’s Person of the Year Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg?

Is it because his estimated wealth is now possibly greater than the very popular Steven Jobs? * Or is it because he’s eerily similar to a previous dorky looking Harvard […]

Seattle Local SEO Statistics: Top 100 Search Keywords for “Seattle Contractor”

(This is a continuation of a series of free local seo statistics by Seattle Organic SEO) As a courtesy to all you industrious contractors in and around Seattle, Bellevue, & Tacoma […]

Google’s Chrome Browser Continues to grab market share; IE continues to lose browser use

On our main home page, we post both top line search data and browser statistics.  We like to do that because, the founder of Seattle Organic SEO is a data […]

Unfortunate – Richard Holbrook Dies

Easily mispelled Richard “Holbrook,”, it’s actually spelled Richard Holbrooke. For someone who’s spent a significant part of his life brokering peace, it’s unfortunate he dies at an early age before […]