Just read a reasonable article/post about International SEO.  Thought I’d share:

Interesting Advice regarding Global Search Engine Optimization

A few key takeaways to work with to help International/local targeting:

1. Language and its diacritics/characters are a collection of rules specific to a language and/or a geographic area. Whenemploying a local campaign, limit the code and semantics to one dialect, or prepare separate micro-sites, sub-domains or applications to target each location.

2. Place text that has been translated into a database, a separate file, or a particular location within a file. This will enableand inform targeted indexing and thus correct serving of your content.

3. Place keywords in the target language (with special characters) in your URLs.

4. Implement “Lang” attributes within your coding and select your targeted country within webmaster tools.

5. Consider in-country hosting or local rerouting options.

6. Comply with rules and algorithms of in country search engines.

The rest of the post is here.

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