Facebook “encourages” users to now update their profile look

Doesn’t look like Facebook’s announced it on their blog, but it appears the dominant social networking site is now slightly nudging users who haven’t updated their profile to update to […]

Copying Facebook’s Open Office Hours starring Bill Gates

Not sure if Facebook’s copying Stanford or if the top Academic Institution copying Facebook, but just found this video with Bill Gates answering a bunch of questions addressed to him […]

Upgrading to Facebook’s new Profile Look on your personal account

If you’ve noticed some of your friends “looking different” on Facebook, but you look the same ole drab of a look you’re used to on Facebook, it’s because they’ve “upgraded” […]

Livestream – a great tool to make your business MUCH MORE personal

I saw this website’s application for the first time when Facebook decided to broadcast a live Q&A called “Facebook Office Hours.” Basically, the marketing team decided to answer questions live […]

First ever Facebook Office Hours for Facebook Pages by the Facebook Marketing Solutions Team

Hope you get this in time, but tomorrow (December 17th, 2010) at 11a PST/7p GMT Facebook will actually answer your questions.  Yes, you will no longer have to do their […]

Why is Time’s Person of the Year Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg?

Is it because his estimated wealth is now possibly greater than the very popular Steven Jobs? * Or is it because he’s eerily similar to a previous dorky looking Harvard […]

Facebook Peak Times (Hours and Days)

One of my clients who uses Facebook as a significant means to market their products & services was asking me “When are the peak times for Facebook?” Well, I could […]