Yes, this is somewhat random, but I was joking to my friend who is at Duke currently finishing off his degree.  My friend, who has an asteroid named after him, and I chat regularly.  I talk about visiting and he talks about coming here to work for Amazon because he has another friend who’s there who’s encouraging him to interview.

Anyway, I was shocked at how cheap it was to fly nearby when I checked Expedia:

Cheap Flights from Seattle to Raleigh, NC – April 2020

Seattle to Raleigh – April 2020

Yes, it was less than a Benjamin to get to Durham and back.  Obviously, there’s other expenses, but it looks like with the country currently in “lock down” or close to, flight deals are to be had!

And there are takers — especially millennials who are so used to the doom and gloom all their lives.

So, I started searching to other popular destinations:

Cheap Flights from Seattle to Las Vegas – March 2020

Seattle to Vegas

Seattle to Vegas

Are you kidding me?  It costs less than a meal at a local steakhouse to fly to Las Vegas and back?  I guess it’s because everything’s shut down in the city.  So, it’s not really worth it to visit.  It probably doesn’t help that their control tower is closed.

Cheap Flights from Seattle to Las Vegas – April 2020

Seattle to Vegas - April 2020

Seattle to Vegas – April 2020

In case you don’t want to fly out soon, the flight deals to Vegas appear to be moving into April.  And no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke!

Cheap Flights from Seattle to Seoul, Korea – April 2020

Seattle to Seoul

Seattle to Seoul

Here’s where it was hard to find a deal.  It’s probably because it’s the safest place in the world right now since they’re slaying the virus.  I couldn’t find much in terms of savings minus this one flight with EVA air.  Other than this, most hover in the high $900s to mid $1000s.  They probably could be charging more!

Cheap Flights from Seattle to Rome, Italy – April 2020

Cheap Flights Seattle to Rome

Seattle to Rome

Now, this was a surprise.  For how bad it is in Italy now with over 4800 deaths and over 50,000 cases in the country along with basically everything within it being locked down, I was surprised they could even charge anything to go there.  They should literally be making these flights free.

Cheap Flights from Seattle to LA, CA – April 2020

Cheap flights from Seattle to LA

Seattle to LA

Since my son just got into UC Irvine, I was thinking maybe we should take a trip down there and see how the school is.  What do you think Kade?

Cheap Flights from Seattle to NY, NY – April 2020

Cheap flights from Seattle to NY

Seattle to NY

Lastly, similar to Italy, the flights to this growing infestation of Coronavirus might be sort of scary.  I know I am.  Even though I love my friends there, I worry that a trip into the nest of possibly the worst state moving forward would be too much trouble.  And one flight reflects it.  However, the other ones don’t … just like the ones to Italy.  Some economics don’t make sense. Then again, we did elect someone into the White House who recently help sustain the lack of preparedness.  Oh, this guy didn’t help either.

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