The new hot social media website Vine doesn’t make it easy to share.

However, we’re going to do it for them for now until they figure out how to embed like Youtube allows.  Her’e’s a collection of the Top Vines we could find for you:

Top Funny Vines:

Frankly, we couldn’t find a collection of funny Vines for you & we can’t embed the Editors’ picks or by #Topic videos, but we did find that Jimmy Fallon likes the new app & shared a few with us. So, we’ll call his videos the Top Funny Vines for now until we find a better selection. Ha, ha!

The thing about Vine:

The meaning of life:

Baby steps (featuring Steve Higgins):

Jimmy’s first Vine ever:

Visit Jimmy’s website for more vines.

Top Vines used for Business

Hubspot shares 15 great examples of using Vine for Business including:

A pretty cool Vine by Toyota España

14 other cool uses are on Hubspot’s blog.

Top Current/Recent Vines

So, if you would like to see what the latest 20 Vines are, you should check out Can’t say it’s always going to be interesting, but at least you can see the newest vine.  The site seems to refresh as well.

Top Art Vines

Mashable collected 10 Works of Art on Vine like the following:



Top Creative Vines

Even cooler, here are just a bunch of creative Vines from Mashable again like

Top Gamer Vines


More here at

Top Cats Vines

Really? Do we need another website like I Can Has Cheezburger? Well, it looks like someone’s trying to see if it can be as popular here.

The original source for the website find was of all places.



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