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“Are you getting what you truly need (CUSTOMERS)
from your website?”

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What is SOS?

Seattle Organic SEO (SOS) LLC is an Online Marketing Services firm based in the Pacific Northwest. We help small businesses significantly improve their website traffic primarily through long term Organic SEO Strategies. We believe showing up on the top page of the billions of searches every day on the Internet is possibly the most efficient form of marketing.

“Brandon has a powerful grasp of high-concept thought with the ability to execute the minutia. Rock star on many levels.”
Brant Williams, Chief Marketing Officer at ReBinder

“Brandon is an amazing combination of talent, intellect, and energy. He is a professional who has a genuine passion for the work that he is doing. He is generous with his time and constant generation of ideas which will add value to your business.”
Sejin Chung, (former) CEO & Founder, Muffin

“I cannot think of anyone who has puts more energy and vigor into his work than Brandon. He is always thinking of ways to create/improve things. Brandon is a great blend of someone with the technical-know-how and big picture strategy and concepts.”
Tony Kim, (former) President, Korean American Professionals Society

U.S. Searches – Jan 2011

Google Sites 65.6% ( – 1.0%)
Yahoo Sites 16.1% ( +.1%),
Microsoft Sites 13.1% ( +1.1%)
Ask Network 3.4% ( -.1%)
AOL Network 1.7% ( -.2% )
*Source: comScore 02/11/11

Browser Use – Jan 2011

Firefox 42.8% (-.7%)
Internet Explorer 26.6% (-.9%)
Chrome 23.8% (+1.4%)
Safari 4.0% (+.2%)
Opera 2.5% (+.3%)
*Source: w3schools

Browser Use – Alt Source

Microsoft Internet Explorer 56.00% [td]
Firefox 22.75% [td]
Chrome 10.7% [tu]
Safari 6.3% [tu]
Opera 2.28% [td]
*Source: netmarketshare 2/12/11
td = trending down; tu = t’ing up

Adwords Spend Monthly

(for June 2010)
AT&T Mobility $8.08 Million
Expedia $5.95 Million
JCPenney $2.46 Million
ADT Security $2.19 Million
*Source: Advertising Age 9/10