seo expertYou know, it’s something that I’ve thought about recently.  I was introducing myself to some folks on a group and have a number of different answers.  Nevertheless, I thought I’d share with you today what I said there.  Would love to hear feedback if you think I could say something more educational and be clearer.  Thanks!

“First off, I love helping people. It was something that was installed in me since I was a kid. So, it was a natural progression to finally start helping people build their businesses. So, that’s what I do. I help businesses potentially improve their customer base anywhere from 10% to as high as double or triple what they were getting in terms of sales leads or customer acquisition leads.

How do I do it? I increase their web traffic through organic SEO. Organic what? Well, if you’re savvy at all, you’ve heard of SEO, but what I wonder is have you ever budgeted out or figured out how much you’d save and frankly how much free branding, new emails, form submissions and much more you would get from ranking for great searches that were related to your business?

In 2009, there were 131 billion searches done online according to Comscore growing 46% from the year earlier. I’m sure when the 2010 data is finally is compiled, we’ll continue to see growth. Regardless, it means that people are looking for you and you’re not in front of them.

Some of SEO is literally snake oil out there. Really, it is…it’s b/c they don’t take it seriously, don’t realize it takes a LONG TIME and not overnight. SEO is a religion you have to adopt at least partially and it’s something you have to stay loyal to. However, with that said, it’s NOT the only marketing you should be doing. If it was, I’d be rich 😉

So, that’s about it in a nutshell.  I help people and businesses improve the traffic for their websites.  If you didn’t realize it yet, but a website is basically useless without being smart about SEO.

If you want to talk more about this or have even more questions, feel free to follow us on twitter @seattleseofirm or sometimes I rant on my firm’s blog (which is horrible looking due to some dev issues I’m working on) or another blog about keywords (sth I truly love doing when I have time; keyword research & opportunities)

“Best of luck to you and your businesses!” If I can help, it would be an honor to help you; like I have with folks here, here and here.

I really mean that. It gets me pretty stoked when I see people do well in their own lives. It’s a special thing to jump into the real world having put all your money (or most of it) on the line and hoping for the best. You never work harder than you do trying to run a business. Here’s a nice post talking about the interesting challenges you deal with.


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