If you’ve done a search for our brand, “Seattle Organic SEO,” you’ll see at the bottom of the SERP (search engine results page) that Google says that searches relating to us are: 

  • SEO Seattle – definitely because we’re #1
  • CEO of Seattle Organic SEO LinkedIn – I guess they’re curious who our founder is?
  • Best SEO Company Seattle – we don’t mind being associated with this obviously
  • Seattle SEO Expert – we like to think so
  • SEO Agency – definitely!
  • Internet Marketing Seattle – yup!
  • Seattle SEM Agency – when you manage PPC accounts like us, this definitely makes sense
  • Marketing Agency Seattle – our team will definitely be able to help you with your digital marketing needs!

Are you curious how you can get such awesome connections to ideal terms?  Perhaps we can help you do the same.


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