priscilla chan mark zuckerbergs girlfriendIs it because his estimated wealth is now possibly greater than the very popular Steven Jobs? *

Or is it because he’s eerily similar to a previous dorky looking Harvard dropout who started one of the original tech empires in Redmond, WA  & was Time’s co-Person of the Year in 2005?

Maybe it’s because he’s lucky enough to have nabbed a relatively attractive girlfriend who’s now a med student & not the famous female Cantopop singer from Hong Kong ?**

My thought is it’s a relatively easy story idea frankly for Time magazine to write and it definitely has plenty of people reading their magazines (both off & online).  Time’s kept up with the times (ha, ha…didn’t mean that pun) in terms of SEO and at least taking the Internet seriously.  However, looking at their pages for the story this year about Facebook’s founder & CEO, do you see “person of the year” or “mark zuckerberg” or even “facebook” in this url?,28804,2036683_2037183_2037185-2,00.html  I wouldn’t mind helping the behemoth of a publishing company fix their seo a bit.  Doubt they’ll read this post though.

Nevertheless, the story annually produced by the company is one where they typically choose someone in the limelight in society.  Given that the social networking site has literally eclipsed every single website in it’s way in terms of traffic and ranking (minus one last group of folks who like to change their homepage’s icon when the seasons change) in 2010, it’s  an easy pick for  I do wonder though if they’ll do their occasional “pick a person” who’s not in the limelight and who actually wasn’t born to dentists or a lawyer family who had plenty of wealth to easily provide for their family?  How about a guy who grew up in Puyallup, has always prided himself in making people happy and will do almost anything for his family?  Naaaaah, I mean Na, it’s probably not going to happen.

It would be nice if they did pick a social worker or a teacher or another professional who on a daily basis doesn’t think about wealth or world domination as they do making people happy and taking care of society.  Wouldn’t that be a Time Person of the Year?  Here’s to wishful thinking…

**Priscilla Chan


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