We’re excited to announce we are now looking for more great people to join the Seattle Organic SEO team. The following positions are available:

SEO Intern

Candidate requirements:

  • Favorite hobby: surfing the Internet
  • Fast Typer (50 wpm or more)
  • Doesn’t miss details; can find that needle in a haystack!
  • Majored in hard stuff. Yah, we’re talking about bio, physics, and stuff you hated in college, but you knew would benefit you at some time. We like history majors as well and gals & guys who loved writing while getting their English Lit degree. Frankly, the smarter you are, the more we like you…BUT don’t be a dork
  • Obviously, we live near Redmond so you had better know your MS Office apps, but if you know Mathematica, we’ll definitely be thinking about how to coerce you onto our team.
  • Wakes up on time. Yah, we don’t want you to be a lazy butt. Be someone who brushes their teeth too 😉
  • Do you have ten ideas a day like our founder? Well, good…we’ve got a place where you might be able to finally leverage it.
  • Debaters are cool. Yes, we want you to be the most honest person possible. So, don’t just take it if you don’t like it.
  • We hate people who are silent. You had better speak up at meetings and love to be social.
  • We also hate annoying people. So, be funny, be cool and just be a good person.
  • Love dazzling clients. That’s all we do at Seattle Organic SEO. So, you had better enjoy doing that.
  • Creative. Can problem solve without getting frustrated.
  • Must be able to continuously monitor industry trends, technologies, and standards and be able to research, recommend, and apply new technologies as they emerge.
  • Are you a know it all? Well, go and work for Microsoft or Boeing. We want people who want to learn for the rest of their lives.

Intern Benefits

Too many to list frankly, but here’s a summary:

  • Become one of the most marketable employees after we train you
  • If you think P&G creates talent, we’ve got something to blow your mind
  • Grow your skills and talents after working with “real clients”
  • Learn management, operations skills and some of the best SEO techniques from 2 guys who’ve started multi million dollar companies and lead their fields in everything they’ve done.
  • Develop into an awesome paid job after you jump through hoops for a few months. One intern became the CFO of one of our past companies.

Interested applicants can send your resumes/c.v.’s to the head honcho at brandon [at] seattle organic seo [dot] com. You may want to write a pretty good plea though for the internship though because our applicants tend to be the best.