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The Importance of Audits

Audits are essential.

The process of evaluating and understanding the “starting point” of your website’s “can be painful.” It’s not just overwhelming for you, but it also takes a significant amount of effort and critical analysis on our end to provide you what is necessary

However, just like your vitamins, we know how important they are.

Some Vital Questions to Ask at the Beginning

As a result, we like to start every project with questions like:

  • Have you done SEO before?
  • Have you set up all the Google accounts that will help you and us understand where you are at?
  • What would you like to gain from this service?

From Simple to Comprehensive Audits

There are “SEO Audit” tools out there which give you automated reports based on some simple issues you should become familiar with over time. These are o.k. They can provide you some decent insight – especially if you’re brand new to this entire process.

We can also do something similar, but better.

From our years of experience, we can look at a website in almost the same amount of time and tell you what’s wrong with it. It will give you an idea of some of the issues that might be plaguing your website today.

Even better, we can give you a much more customized and useful audit which doesn’t just spit out a bunch of gobbly goo that truly confuses the average website owner. Additionally, many of the automated SEO audits do NOT give you valuable information in terms of what will give you the “best bang” for your buck.

From our years of experience, we know and can diagnose what are significant pain points along with what drives more visibility.

Our comprehensive audits reveal many things the automated tools do not. They involve what many professional SEO’s have written about all over the web. You can rely on our friends at Moz or even use a comprehensive process like our friends at Ahrefs have advised.

However, we also know you don’t have the time, nor the understanding (most likely) in how to execute this very critical step to optimizing your website.

Website Audits

Are you familiar with CRO? UI Design? How about speed and load issues?

We didn’t expect you to be.

Nevertheless, there are many issues that go beyond the traditional SEO work that needs to be done.

And guess what?

You can get all that again by just using Seattle Organic SEO.

Our experts are both website development pros along with SEO pros. So, you get the best of all worlds and it gives you the best results of them all.

Technical SEO Audits

If CRO, UI and speed issues were challenging acronyms and terms, you’re probably not going to enjoy hearing about jQuery, html5shiv or the resource loader yepnope. And even more importantly, do you even need to know about these concepts?

We would argue “no.”

Our goal has always been to “make it simple” for our clients. We deal with the pain, so you can receive the gain.

We are in the weeds daily and keep up with all this jargon, but more importantly truly understand how to leverage it to your benefit.

However, if you want to learn more without speaking to us, feel free to read our friend Michael King’s explanation of the current “renaissance” in technical SEO.

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