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Content has always been King

In the past 10 years+, it’s been constantly argued that “content is king” and that we should place emphasis on building valuable and useful content for readers of the web to enjoy.


We’ve been saying this since the dawn of our experiences back in 1993 when the Internet was first gaining traction.

As proof, we practice what we preach and you can see it clearly in our SEO blog.

The #1 SEO’d website in the world generates significant amounts of traffic through 5,641,701 pages of great content. The top 3 pages for the (Hurricane Irma, Facebook, and YouTube) generate organic SEO traffic to close to 35,000 terms for the site. The site is smart enough to allow its homepage be #4 for the top sources.

Leading by example

As we mentioned above, we practice what we preach. Our study of the Top 100 Keywords on the Internet is our prime example of how you can generate significant amounts of traffic based on a single topic if done well.

As a result, from 2011 to 2016, our #1 source for organic traffic was “most searched on google” and recently, it’s been “most searched on the internet” with our top content pages Top 100 Searched Topics on the Internet and 2017’s Top Google Searches: Most Searched Keywords on the Internet v5 leading the way.

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