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SEO for non-profit good We at Seattle Organic SEO (SOS)  love to help the community & ideally, would love to help the world.  We applaud the efforts of all those very giving folks in the non-profit sector.

Following is a list of SEO resources to help  non-profit organizations for good:

Large Internet/Technology Companies Supporting Non-profits/Change:

Non-profit Technology Support Organizations

SEO Guides for Non-profits

More Non-Profit Online Resources

We want to thank SEO 2.0 for the inspiration behind creating this page. It was on our list of “things to do” here in the early stages of starting the business in helping “for profit” small businesses, but the SEO blog motivated us to put up this page sooner than later. Credits also go out to SEObytheSea who provided a few ideas for this page as well.

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