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What does QRG stand for?

In a recent retweet by Bill Slawski, he repeated that the QRG is a good place to look for hints re: Google's recent update to their algorithm. For the lay person, you might be asking: What does QRG mean? It stands for the "Quality Rating Guidelines" published by...

Finding my Google my Business Profile in the Knowledge Graph

Have you ever tried to find your google my business profile despite searching for your brand name? I recently helped my friend who's one of the Top Bellevue Realtors in Washington state.  He didn't have his GmB set up because frankly he thought he didn't need it.  He...

Improving your Google my Business Reviews Rating

One of the best ways to improve your GmB Reviews Do you know how hard it is for people to find you when you are just starting out?  Frankly, it can take up to 30 days or more to have your Google my business listing show up.  Even after it does, people sometimes can't...
July 2018 Search Engine Market Share in the United States

July 2018 Search Engine Market Share in the United States

Google loses market share for the first time in months As you can see from Comscore's latest Search Engine market share metrics, Google's lost .2% points to Bing and Oath (Yahoo) with each of its competitors gaining .1% each. Overall Searches Grow in the United States...

Comscore Search Engine Market Share – June 2018 vs. May 2018

Comscore Search Engine Market Share – June 2018 vs. May 2018

Search Engine market share didn't change a bit from May to June 2018. Google still owns 63.5% of the US Market share! Bing is holding steady at at 24.1%.   Here’s the latest data by Comscore: June 2018 Search Engine Market Share – Total U.S. – Desktop Home & Work...

Comscore Search Engine Market Share – May 2018 vs. April 2018

Comscore Search Engine Market Share – May 2018 vs. April 2018

Any changes for May 2018 in the Search Engine world?  Not much... Google is still dominating at 63.5%! But Bing is retaining its 20+ percentage of the market at 24% -- actually, a tad more this month at 24.1%.   Here's the latest data by Comscore: May 2018 Search...

Most Asked Keyword Questions on the Internet

Most Asked Keyword Questions on the Internet

In 2010, we started a trend.  We knew there wasn't a full examination of "top keyword searches" on the Internet and decided to create our own. You can see the original "most searched keywords study" off to the right in our list of versions of the in depth examination....

What are the Top Keywords for Youtube?

Answer: Yahoo Mail? Really?  A little known fact is that is the second largest search engine in the world.  While it's not exactly a search engine per se, it is used like a search engine with different results: videos instead of websites. However, people...

What are the Top Keyword Sources for

What are the Top Keyword Sources for

Answer: Would you believe "vibrator?" We've recently analyzed some of the top sources of organic traffic for  In our in depth analysis of top SEO websites in the world, we were curious what the ecommerce giant had optimized so well to become as big as they...

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Useful Search & Internet Data

U.S. Searches - April 2018

Google Sites 63.5%
Microsoft Sites 24.1%
Oath 11.4%
Ask Network 1.1%

Compared to Dec 2014
Google Sites 65.4% ( -1.9%)
Microsoft Sites 19.7% ( +4.3%)
Yahoo Sites 11.8% & AOL Network 1.2% ( -1.6%)
(Now Oath Network)
Ask Network 2.0% (-0.9%)

Source: comScore qSearch

“Explicit Core Search” excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results.

Source: Comscore

Browser Statistics - Feb/March -> April-> July 2018
Chrome 57.41 -> 57.36% -> 59.69%
Safari 14.4% -> 13.96% -> 13.85%
UC Browser 7.94% -> 7.88% -> 7.03%
Firefox 5.49% -> 5.45% -> 5.02%
Opera 3.7% -> 3.83% -> 3.35%
Internet Explorer 3.05% -> 3.21% -> 3.01%
Source: Statcounter Browser Market Share

Jan 2015
Chrome 61.9%
Firefox 23.4%
Internet Explorer 7.8%
Safari 3.8%
Opera 1.6%
Source: collected from W3Schools' log-files, over a five year period, clearly shows the long and medium-term trends although cannot be 100% guaranteed
More Historical Internet Stats Here

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