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Top Smartphone Apps by Usage – 2021

Popular Apps TL;DR The truth behind Apps Data Our Top (Google) Apps by usage SimilarWeb's Top Apps Lists (for both Android and iOS) "You can't handle the truth" (about apps) It's been critical to me to understand the entire landscape when it comes to online...

Which Rich Guy or Gal is Searched the Most?

You all probably know the Forbes Richest List.  It regularly gives us updates on the most affluent people in society.  Today, the list placed Jeff Bezos up top.  Tomorrow, who knows? Regardless, we were wondering who people are "looking for" online despite their...

Google Local Service Ads 1-800 Number & Contact Details

Not sure why companies feel compelled to make it as tough as possible to reach them, but for now, we thought we would share the phone number and customer support site in case you need anything re: "Google Guaranteed." Google Guaranteed 1-800 Number 1-833-272-1444 Yup,...
Top 100 Biggest Spenders on Google Ads 2021

Top 100 Biggest Spenders on Google Ads 2021

Is it the damn Gecko?   If you search "top spenders on google ads", you'll get a very old article by AdAge saying that Amazon tops the list.  While the case is true here in 2021, the post is from 2013.  It reported that Amazon spent $158 million USD on search ads....

(Digital) Marketing Sources for Top Companies

(Digital) Marketing Sources for Top Companies

Traffic Sources for Top Websites? If you search for the phrase "marketing sources for top companies," you'll get a plethora of results around past strategies that have worked for the "digitally savvy" companies out there.  You'll hear  anecdotes about how the late...

Pinterest for SEO or PPC (on Google)

Pinterest for SEO or PPC (on Google)

We've been in Pinterest from almost the beginning.  The platform seemed like a very cool way of presenting information that google hasn't figured out yet.  And honestly, I'm surprised Google hasn't tried to buy them yet.  With that said, we were asked a great question...

Top 25 Search Engine Optimized E-Commerce Websites

Top 25 Search Engine Optimized E-Commerce Websites

For years, our agency has been telling the world that we need to emulate, when it comes to building e-commerce websites (and unleash the power of SEO).  The company is the #2 most search engine friendly website in the world -- and very importantly, the #1...

Best Online Meeting Tools Report by Gartner

Best Online Meeting Tools Report by Gartner

It's painful getting these reports; you always have to give them your email for them to spam you. However, here's the: Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions Published 12 October 2020 - ID G00451190 - 40 min read By Mike Fasciani, Brian Doherty, Tom Eagle, Adam Preset...

Top 100 Google Searches – April 2021

Top 100 Google Searches – April 2021

Back in 2010, we pioneered the original study on the "Most Popular Searches Online."  Several years later, many other companies copied our study and built their own.  Most of the times, the results they shared were incorrect.  You could easily audit their numbers and...

GMB Local Pack Case Study: Why am I dropping in rankings?

*Update: (4/6/21) We are back to normal (i.e., #1), but the following should hopefully help you understand how to make sure that this doesn't happen to your website OR how to optimize for these scenarios moving forward. Potential SEO Surprises For more than 8 out of...

The Top SEO Professionals and Agencies in the World

The Top SEO Professionals and Agencies in the World

Top SEOs on ClubHouse Brandon Na here.  I founded Seattle Organic SEO over 10 years ago and have been incredibly fortunate to jump on ClubHouse at an ideal time.  It has helped me truly gauge my SEO abilities vs. many of the top search engine marketing professionals...

Facebook Audiences Data: Women (30-50 year old) in Top Cities

I was asked by my friends at a great Women's Organizations about the demographics in some of the top digital platforms targeting a specific age group and gender on: FB Insta Tiktok Youtube Twitter. Unfortunately, nobody's built out my "VisiCalc" idea where you take...

Using Google SEO to Increase YouTube Visibility

ClubHouse YouTube Secret Strategies Sitting on the stage to "add some value to the conversation" to all the YouTube experts. If you haven't heard, there are bombs being dropped day in and day out by some of the top experts in YouTube.  On this stage is: Farhad Meher...

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Useful Search & Internet Data

U.S. Searches - Feb 2021

Google Sites 61.7%
Microsoft Sites 6.3%
Verizon Media 11.2%
Ask Network 0.8%

U.S. Searches - April 2020

Google Sites 62.3%
Microsoft Sites 25.7%
Verizon Media 11.2%
Ask Network 0.8%

U.S. Queries - Feb 2021
Search Queries are shown in units of a million
Google Sites 12,689
Microsoft Sites 5405
Verizon Media 2320
Ask Network 156

U.S. Queries - Apr 2020
Search Queries are shown in units of a million
Google Sites 12,696
Microsoft Sites 5225
Verizon Media 2277
Ask Network 155

Top 5 Multi-Platform Properties - Mar 2021
Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
1) Google Sites 271,795
2) +2 Verizon Media 220,093
3) Facebook 220,013
4) -2 Microsoft Sites 218,458
5) Amazon Sites 214,560

Top 5 Multi-Platform Properties - Apr 2020
Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Google Sites 259,592
Microsoft Sites 226,435
Facebook 222,151
Verizon Media 215,339
Amazon Sites 208,132

Source: comScore

“Explicit Core Search” excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results.

Source: Comscore

Browser Statistics - May 2021 <- Mar 2020 <- Mar 2019 -
Chrome 64.47%<-62.58%<-57.64%
Safari 18.69%<-15.64%<-14.81%
Firefox 3.39%<-4.7%<-5.38%
Edge 3.39%<-???<-???
Samsung Internet 3.3%<-???<-???
Opera 2.22%<-2-3%<-3.65%
UC Browser ?<-2-3%<-7.37%
Internet Explorer ?<-2.56%<-3.11%
Source: Statcounter Browser Market Share

More Historical Internet Stats Here

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