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“…the proof is in the pudding…”
― Miguel de Cervantes

Celebrating our 12th Year of being Seattle’s #1 SEO Agency

Recently, we were taking a look at our SERP positions for the many “SEO Seattle” phrases:

While we know we are one of the best, we don’t need to tell you when Google tells you we are:

In the 1st organic position you see, we have once again proven we practice what we preach.  We’ve constantly done this for 10 years+ and you can see by literally doing the search today (2/2/2022):

Obviously, you can see “ad” on some listings above us.  So, in the paid listings in google, we may be sitting below others who PAY to get your eyeballs, but we get it for free.  We do know a little about PPC management and if we ever want to jump above them by paying extra, we can easily do it.

Are we the “best seo company (in) Seattle?”  Well, Google tells you we are again (organically):

best seo company seattle - 05202020

Some may ask: why are you down the page?  Well, the “1st organic position” for google has changed significantly over the years and that’s why we assume you might be here today.

Maybe you searched on two of the most efficient phrases for our industry:

Seattle SEO?

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SEO Seattle?

Perhaps it is because you were searching for “SEO Seattle” and found us in the #1 position organically for one of the best SEO firms in the northwest:

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Or it could have been “Seattle SEO Agency:” seattle seo agency - no 1

Or maybe it was our top positions in Local SEO for Seattle? Regardles, there are also many other reasons why you may have landed here on Seattle’s Top Search Engine Optimization agency.

High Quality Search Engine Optimization Company?

Maybe you noticed our A+ standing on the Better Business Bureau as a strong search engine optimization consulting company:

Regardless, you probably want to repeat our success or our clients’.  And if you do, you should contact us right away!

We know our keywords and what phrases most people look for online:

We are also quite popular for the phrases: “most searched topics” on the Internet or a longer string like “what is the most searched thing on the internet”:

what is the most searched thing on the internet

It’s because we started a study back in 2010 where we’ve been evaluating the top searched phrases on the Internet and have fulfilled the curiosities of many readers with our very popular blog post on “Top Google Searches,”

Top SEO Firm?

Or you found us on Yelp or one of the many other websites that have listed at #1 as an SEO firm at one point or another.

And STILL the best SEO according to yelp in 2022!!

Maybe you’ve read one of our Principal’s SEO related contributions in many top websites like Moz or Quora?

Regardless, we are thankful for your visit.

We know our SEO!

We were #1 for the search “Seattle SEO” for a reason – even 2 months after we opened doors in 2010.  And like we showed at the top, we’re STILL #1 here today. Our competitors may argue differently, but that’s the “snake oil” that many out there still use to get your hard earned dollar.  

If you look at the following, you can see we outrank many other more established companies locally who focus on SEO Services for small to medium sized businesses.   You can see we are actually PERFECT – yes, 100% according to even SEO Doctor vs. even the one website in our SERP (search engine results pages) that should be perfect (SEOMoz).

So, if you want us to help you move up the rankings and garner more traffic like we have with our SEO Successes, contact us right away!

Proof that we are the best SEO

Website Grader told us we’re rated 99/100!!!

SEO Website Grader 99 out of 100!

When the top SEO B2B company says you deserve an “A”, you’ve got a great start into the business

The Story behind Seattle Organic SEO:

SEO Moz gives Seattle Organic SEO an A

Thank you for visiting Seattle Organic SEO

My name is Brandon Na and I started this small business SEO Firm. After using SEO for 5+ years in multiple businesses that either I owned or was working for, I thought it was about time to help my friends who run optometry clinics or are professional photographers & people like you who have simply dropped by & are hoping to propel your websites up to page 1 of the organic search results.

Have you shopped at Trader Joe’s?**  If not, you are missing a store which provides great products at reasonable costs and with amazing customer service.  Well, consider us the Trader Joe’s of the marketing world.  Not only are we promoting and providing the most effective and eficient form of customer acquisition, but we’re also on the backend trying our best to always find the best forms of marketing to grow your business.

I’m sure you’re busy focusing on your own customers & don’t need the extra headaches or confusion that Internet marketing sometimes creates. We’ll clarify in simple terms all the steps it takes to improve your position dramatically on the Internet. SOS (Seattle Organic SEO) will make it as simple as 1, 2, 3 and allow you to focus on your business as it should be.

Our relationships are for the long term. It’s not about just helping you get your site up to the top of the results in the short term.  We’ll be advising you hopefully for as long as you want to keep your business running.  Feel free to peruse through past testimonials with people who I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Our SEO solutions are also affordable. We adjust if needed. Regardless, we’ll help you tackle your online marketing needs in a very fair manner.

Below are a few more points that may give you that “extra security” that we can do a good job for you.  I totally understand the vendor shopping process.  I might be one of the biggest critics of all services available online and spend quite a bit of time examining all aspects of a potential service provider including price, ability, customer service and integrity to name a few.  Remember, you can ask anything you would like at any time.  Nevertheless, here are a few more bits about our history.

Seattle Organic SEO | Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

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Small Business Organic SEO Successes:

  • Helped build a fledgling startup Real Estate practice into the 2nd highest producing agent in the Bellevue Keller Williams office (producing the agent over $140,000 in yearly income)
  • Utilized Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing practices to help a small English Education business starting with 3 schools, 800 students and 20 teachers build into 16 schools, just short of 7000 students and 140 instructors.  Basically, helping the company grow 875% with Seattle Organic SEO’s help.
  • Helped a Seattle Optician team in the University Village, a Seattle and Hawaiian Wedding Photographer, a Physical Therapist in the Portland/Beaverton area rank as the highest result for their respective businesses.
  • Energized websites to rank very high for very competitive keyword terms.  Empirical proof of his keyword ranking capabilities on the Testimonials Page here.  (Please scroll down to the bottom below the accolades)

Experience w/ Largest Internet Companies in the World:

  • Program Manager for Amazon.com’s Marketing Alliances Team (driving millions of dollars of extra business to the biggest e-commerce company in the world)
  • Technical Account Manager for the Marketing Team of Expedia.com (helping spend millions of dollars building the #1 Online Travel company)
  • Technical Sales Engineer for Doubleclick.net (helping the West Coast Sales Team technically from Washington State down to California)
  • Senior Quality Assurance Engineer for Doubleclick.net (once the largest and most powerful Internet Advertising Companies in the world; now a division of Google.com)

Seattle Organic SEO

The Top Search Engine Optimization Company in the Seattle area.

1909 S Charles St
Seattle, WA, 98144

Phone: 425-289-6008

We have 5 Star Ratings+ from Many Sources/Organizations:

5 star seo company
seo company 5 stars

Seattle SEO Company rated A+ by BBB

Seattle’s Top SEO Company – Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

Selected Top Seattle SEO Agency 2017

Selected Top Seattle SEO Agency 2016




Interviewed by NCR Silver in April 2017

Interviewed by iDropNews in March 2017

seattle organic seo founder interviewed in idropnews 2017

Interviewed by Tech.co in March 2016

SEO Interviewed by Tech.co

Seattle SEO Firm announces Holiday SEO Giveaway Results

Seattle SEO Firm Listed on CrunchBase

Top eCommerce SEO Firm signs on AV Solutions Co. C&J Enterprises

Seattle SEO Firm listed on Most Popular SEO Software Directory SEOMoz

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**Trader Joe’s is a trademark owned by the Albrecht Family Trust and the Aldi Company.

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Useful Search & Internet Data

U.S. Searches - Aug 2022

Google Sites 61.5%
Microsoft Sites 27.9%
Verizon Media 11.0%
Ask Network 0.7%

U.S. Searches - Feb 2021

Google Sites 61.7%
Microsoft Sites 16.3%
Verizon Media 11.2%
Ask Network 0.8%

U.S. Queries - Aug 2022

Google Sites 12,434
Microsoft Sites 5431
Verizon Media 2223
Ask Network 132
*Search Queries are shown in units of a million

U.S. Queries - Feb 2021

Google Sites 12,689
Microsoft Sites 5405
Verizon Media 2320
Ask Network 156
*Search Queries are shown in units of a million

Top 5 Multi-Platform Properties
Feb 2022

1) Google Sites 274,268
2) Microsoft Sites 237,327
3) Facebook 236,580
4) Amazon Sites 229,046
5) Yahoo 224,539
*Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)

Top 5 Multi-Platform Properties

Mar 2021

1) Google Sites 271,795
2) +2 Verizon Media 220,093
3) Facebook 220,013
4) -2 Microsoft Sites 218,458
5) Amazon Sites 214,560
*Unique Visitors/Viewers (000)
Source: comScore

“Explicit Core Search” excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results.

Browser Statistics - Sep 2022 <- Mar 2021 <- Mar 2020 -
Chrome 65.7%<-64.47%<-62.58%
Safari 18.66%<-18.69%<-15.64%
Edge 4.32%<03.39%<-??? (new 3rd '22)
Firefox 3.14%<-3.39%<-4.7% (dethroned to 4th '22)
Samsung Internet 2.5%<-3.3%<-???
Opera 2.25%<-2.22%<-2-3%
UC Browser ???<-???<-2-3%
Internet Explorer ???<-???<-2.56%
Source: Statcounter Browser Market Share

More Historical Internet Stats Here

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