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We’ve been extraordinarily lucky in having some wonderful people review our SEO Services online. Frankly, I almost blush when I think about the great people we’ve been fortunate to come into contact with and how gracious they’ve been in supporting us with their amazing words. Nevertheless, our PR Manager tells us we should probably place the links to the various locations on the Internet that we’ve been fortunate to have our fans say some words about Seattle Organic SEO. If you really do feel the impetus to say anything (both positive AND negative; we want to “keep it real”), please feel free to click through to the following places were you can review us for our Search Engine Optimization and additional Interactive Marketing Services.

Updated March 2017:

Google Reviews of Seattle Organic SEO:

Top Seattle SEO agency's Google Reviews

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Yelp Reviews of Seattle Organic SEO:

review of seattle's top seo agency

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Other Legitimate Yelp Reviews of Seattle Organic SEO that were Hidden for Unknown Reasons:

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Entrepreneur Michaela M. Reviews Seattle Organic SEO

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Merchant Circle Review of Seattle Organic SEO:

review of seattle's top seo company

Judy’s Book Reviews – Before the Recent Updates in 2017

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Update in April 2016:

Unfortunately, as the Internet changes, so do the places that stay around or becoming relics of past websites.  We had some incredible websites on a now defunct reviewing website called Amplicate. Before they were retired in the Internet Archives, we found a way to save some of those reviews here:

Amplicate Reviews

“Amazing SEO Help! Thanks to Online Marketing”

+0 by User-187rcg

Amazing SEO Help!
Thanks to Online Marketing Consultant Brandon Na of Seattle Organic SEO, less than one week after his detailed Search Marketing consultation, my site jumped up in traffic: unique visits tripled, each visitor’s time quadrupled, bounce rate is declining steadily (now into the 30’s), and I’ve seen only the positive green-arrow! (Yesterday’s arrow was up 74%!) I highly recommend Brandon and Seattle Organic SEO.

“The Bard of SEO”

+1 by Michaela M

Sure Brandon Na is a great SEO but what makes him really stand out is that he is an amazing communicator. We spent just a few hours with him and walked away enlightened, empowered, entertained and ready to SEO! Who knew SEO could be made so fascinating? Highly recommend.

“Brandon Na is simply the best.”

+0 by Jill H

I cannot get OVER how much a one hour conf call with Brandon helped my site, my understanding of the internet and what SEO is and plus, Brandon is just a GREAT guy!

You’d be foolish not to find a way to do business with him and/or listen to his radio show!

Outdated version of our Reviews:

**We’ve been getting some “love” on a really interesting website called amplicate.  Check out our “love on Amplicate!”

  1. Despite having 7  reviews on Yelp, for some reason, they feel the need to filter two additional TRUE and honest reviews that don’t show up beyond the 5. So, right now we have five appearing, but here’s the link to place any other feedback of any kind if you feel the need about Seattle Organic SEO on Yelp.  There’s a chance your review will be filtered as well, just fyi, but let’s hope they start to realize how to NOT filter our real reviews of our work.
  2. Obviously, you can’t ignore the behemoth of Search Online … what was their name?  Oh yah, it’s  Anyhoo, they have this little Places page they give us for free and it aggregates all the other reviews online, but supposedly you can also comment on us here on our (SOS) Google Places Page.   They would prefer you to review us on their HotPot product, but honestly, I’m not sure if people really care to at this point.
  3. I personally like our page on SEOMoz, but we should also mention that there’s another huge, but less ubiquitous search engine by the name of Yahoo.  We have a page there that you can review us on.
  4. And like I said, since we’re an SEO Firm, we believe our best review place is here on SEOMoz.  However, for some reason, Google doesn’t think that I believe at this point.
  5. Our history dates back to the middle part of this decade when I used to do Real Estate (until I met some very “interesting people” who sort of turned me off of real estate).  We have not only reviews of our work in that industry, but also with our work in SEO here on Judy’s Book.
  6. And if you want to just talk about us and like us on Facebook, here you go.  This is probably the easiest thing to do for us and obviously, we would be very appreciative!
  7. Unfortunately, we’re really busy helping out our clients…so we’ve neglected to do our Bing Local page and manage other accounts like our Merchant Circle page, but for some reason, we seem to still get some nice accolades in places we haven’t even looked at (like a page that the Better Business Bureau created about us without us knowing).  We will do our best to get these set up later.  However, clients are #1 to us.



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