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Useful Search & Internet Data

U.S. Searches - April 2018

Google Sites 63.5%
Microsoft Sites 24.1%
Oath 11.4%
Ask Network 1.1%

Compared to Dec 2014
Google Sites 65.4% ( -1.9%)
Microsoft Sites 19.7% ( +4.3%)
Yahoo Sites 11.8% & AOL Network 1.2% ( -1.6%)
(Now Oath Network)
Ask Network 2.0% (-0.9%)

Source: comScore qSearch

“Explicit Core Search” excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results.

Source: Comscore

Browser Statistics - Feb/March -> April-> July 2018
Chrome 57.41 -> 57.36% -> 59.69%
Safari 14.4% -> 13.96% -> 13.85%
UC Browser 7.94% -> 7.88% -> 7.03%
Firefox 5.49% -> 5.45% -> 5.02%
Opera 3.7% -> 3.83% -> 3.35%
Internet Explorer 3.05% -> 3.21% -> 3.01%
Source: Statcounter Browser Market Share

Jan 2015
Chrome 61.9%
Firefox 23.4%
Internet Explorer 7.8%
Safari 3.8%
Opera 1.6%
Source: collected from W3Schools' log-files, over a five year period, clearly shows the long and medium-term trends although cannot be 100% guaranteed
More Historical Internet Stats Here

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