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WordPress is the Most Popular Website Platform on the Internet

It’s a commonly known fact that most websites are powered by WordPress. Close to 60% of the content management systems (CMS = website platform) are powered by this CMS built by Automattic. Almost 27% of the billion plus websites that exist in the world are run on WordPress.

The reason why so many web developers and site owners rely on the CMS is that  sites are quick to load, they have the latest technology and standards built into them and they can be easily customized for your every business need. We’ve known this for years. As a result, you’ll find our expertise to be heads and shoulders above the competitors.

Years of Experience with Building WordPress Websites

Not only are we experts in search engine optimization (SEO), but we also build beautiful WordPress websites. Having a team that does both will only be to your advantage.

These days, many web developers and SEO’s are on two separate teams and it can cause dysfunction, inefficiency and sometimes a downright nightmare for you, the client. However, with Seattle Organic SEO, you’ll be able to have all your needed digital marketing resources on one team and get both a beautiful website that’s highly optimized for Google and all the top search engines today.

Secure and Quick – WordPress offers Safety and Speed!

Google constantly punishes websites that spam the internet. It also hates websites that infect others with viruses and are a harmful presence on the Internet. Fortunately, the team at Automattic know that and have placed the utmost importance on security.

Versions of the platform are constantly updated and as secure as you need.

The WordPress security team is always on top of security issues. So, there will always be updates to make sure there are no vulnerabilities. Additionally, there are many security plugins that can be leveraged on your behalf.

Easy to Optimize for Mobile

Given that the world is turning to mobile, it’s incredibly important to have a website platform that will deliver your site to users in the way they see it. Your website will display perfect vs. older experiences that desktop formatted sites provide.

Moreover, given that Google will be “Mobile First” soon and have already integrated it within the decisions they make to display websites at the top, it will be critical to allow us leverage all the mobile-friendly plugins and features that will let your site be one of the top performing mobile sites out there.

Ease of Use is Paramount to WordPress

WordPress is incredibly user-friendly. The editor is intuitive and the sea of plugins give it so much power and capability. The community support is immense, but you’ll also have us to support you as well. Basically, you get two teams of support.

Basically, WordPress is your best option for SEO

With all these loaded features with WordPress and your incredible team at Seattle Organic SEO, you are bound to be as visible as you can be. Your biggest problem will be how to work through all the new business you will be generating through your website.

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