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The Importance of Analytics and Reporting

Without knowing where you started and constantly monitoring your site’s performance, we are simply doing magic with zero results. We know how some of our previous have been potentially manipulated or conned into believing “work” was completed. We’re always going to be paying to your results and as a result, it a requirement our clients use Google Analytics and other tools listed below to monitor traffic and organic search engine optimization effectiveness.

Google Analytics dominates.

“BuiltWith says that 69.5 percent of Quantcast’s Top 10,000 sites (based on traffic) are using Google Analytics, and 54.6 percent of the top million websites that it tracks.

For the sake of comparison, that 29.3 million figure above is about double what BuiltWith reported back in April 2012.

There are other data sources, too:

According to  W3Techs, Google Analytics is being used by 52.9 percent of all websites on the internet, more than 10 times the next most popular analytics option, Yandex Metrics. W3Techs doesn’t offer a raw count of installs across the internet, only a percentage based on the 10 million websites that it monitors.

The Datanyze service  reports  that more than 13.2 million of the websites it tracks are using Google Analytics. Datanyze doesn’t specifically say how many websites it tracks but  calls it  an eight-figure number.

Finally, the SimilarTech service  estimates  that a little more than 48 million websites are using Google Analytics, the highest raw count estimate we’ve found.” Source

Google Analytics and the Top Tools for Keeping Track

As a minimum, we are going to make sure your Google Analytics are installed, but we will also be adding Google Search Console and Google my Business Insights. Additionally, we’ll support any other tools you ask for in order to make sure we know how you are benefiting from all our work.

Focusing on the Bottom Line

We know that your ultimate needs are about generating more business. You should be focused on all the other levers outside of Digital Marketing. So, we provide you easy methods of evaluating how our work has helped you.

We also are available at your disposal to make sure you understand any and all reports. You’ll never feel like you have to go back to college or take some course simply to read our detailed reports. We are here to make sure that you will always feel comfortable so you can make the proper decisions on your business.

Without your growth, we fail to grow. We are here to help you grow. We want to partners with you until you reach your most important marketing goals.

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