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Besides our Rankings Success with clients, we also like to detail what it’s done for their bottom line along with the difficulty it was to increase their qualified traffic.  

Case #1:

This regional trade association representing a part of the real estate industry had limited success with past SEO firms who attempted to help them with their websites.  We started work on the first of two websites in October with the first phase of link building completing in late December.  In our 3rd month with them, we’ve already achieved some amazing numbers.  Besides attaining the #1 position for many phrases for their organization (10 new #1 positions with us), we’ve helped them boost their search engine traffic significantly.  You can see the difference before and after us:

Improved Rankings with Seattle Organic SEO


And literally 323% Improvement in Organic Traffic Year over Year:


SEO Increase 323% Year over Year

Case #2:

Helping  a Local IT Company Grow their Website Traffic over 300% in 30 Months


Case #3:

A Wedding Photographer who never spent much time improving his Search Engine rankings.  At the end of 2010, we finished work on his website and measured the traffic from February 2011 through January of this year comparing a full year over and year.  The results showed and increase of 92% of organic search engine traffic:

Organic Traffic Increase for Photographer

And if you took out his brand name from the searches, we saw a 620% Increase in traffic from search engines with Non-Branded Keywords:

600% Increase in Organic Search Traffic

Case #4:

The next client we’ve been working with a little less than the one detailed in Case #1. They produce guides in real estate and similar industries.  Again, we finished off their link building recently and they’ve been seeing the impacts from it already.  They’ve been very cooperative and very proactive about everything we’ve asked of them.  We bumped them up fro #14 to #1 for a key phrase that brings them a bit of traffic among a number of other phrases that are positively impacting their business from our SEO work with them.

seo improvements from seattle organics seo

Their traffic comparing January 2012 traffic vs. January 2011 traffic showed a 290% Increase in traffic!

290% Increase in traffic because of SEO

Case #5:

An Ecommerce Client comes to us who knows SEO quite well.  However, they really want us to help them to move from #4 to #2 for a critical phrase they understand that they can’t displace #1 (the manufacturer), but they can improve to #2 and also do better with many other phrases.  We achieve not only the #2 position for the client despite some obstacles along the way, but have helped them retain it to this day.  As a result, they’ve improved their organic traffic 160% year over year:

Case #6:

A Pest Control company comes to us before the summer of 2011 and tasks us with improving their organic search engine traffic for the summer – their busiest time of the year.  We help them lift their organic search traffic over 100% year over year.  They’re so happy with our work, they not only pay us a bonus, but also task us to take care of their paid search marketing efforts here in 2012.


**Please note, there is no guarantee of success. We believe we can do work similar to the success we have had in the past, but unfortunately, every case is different. Sometimes there’s more competition, there’s mistakes made along the way (nobody’s perfect, but we aim to try and break that truth! ;)), and other unforeseen circumstances that prevent HUGE successes. Also, to enhance Search Engine Optimization success, our clients can help themselves in their efforts in addition to ours in many realms including the Social media space, for one.  Also, what we do know is there’s always tomorrow. We help clients constantly and our aim as you can see in our “About Page” is to help clients ideally for the long term (i.e., forever;)). The great thing (and sometimes frustrating aspect) about the Internet is that’s it’s constantly changing, but it gives you a chance to “make up” or “try again.” We know we can over time create success, we believe for anyone, but at the same time, we’re realistic and love realistic clients as well. Our clients who have taken that attitude about life have been not only successful with their businesses, but also with life.


**Traffic data comes from google analytics.  

Proof is in the (SEO) pudding

#1 for an incredibly general search keyword phrase which is searched 9,900 globally in the broad sense, 3600 times  a month in the U.S. (broad) and at least 1000X’s a month globally (exactly) and 320X’s/mo in the U.S. exactly.  This site wasn’t even in the top 200 results before they got our SEO help.

wedding photography seo success

For the same Wedding Photography Client, we achieved incredible success with impressive Superlative  Keywords like the following:

wedding photography seo

And even a general photography phrase to help him brand his company as one of the best, which we already knew was the case.  Now the Internet knows this.

wedding photography seo

Another client who focuses on AV products wanted us to move him higher in the main SERP (search engine results page) and moved him up within months from #9 to #4 which increases click through rates.  He’s also profiled above as far as how much extra traffic he’s gotten year over year:

ecommerce seo






#1 for moderately competitive search phrase (please note these are outdated b/c of the google algorithm update which doesn’t give as much credit for keywords in domains; we’re working with this site to improve their SEO that they relied off for over 3 years)

#2 for highly competitive search phrase

#6 for extremely competitive keyword phrase

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