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As one of Seattle’s Top SEO & PPC Agencies, we are easily able to service clients all across the Puget Sound.   While we’ve worked with many companies as a result of our visibility in many search engine results pages, we have found extraordinary pleasure helping our local neighbors boost their online presence through the power of SEO.

We’ve written many pieces on LinkedIn and respected communities like Quora identifying the power of SEO, but most importantly, we’ve always felt it was necessary to practice what we preach.   As a result, do a search for “SEO Seattle” and guess what you see?   Reverse the terms which is considered another permutation and again, what is in front of you?   You can even add “company” to the end of the search and we still will show up #1!    

“Seattle SEO Company”

Seattle SEO Company #1 Position 2022-23

“SEO Seattle”

SEO Seattle SERP Capture

“Seattle SEO”

Screenshots from 12/15/2022

Our results speak for themselves. We’ve been #1 in Seattle since 2010 — yes, close to 10 years as the #1 SEO agency. We are always in the SERPs (search engine results pages) as the top result for searches like “SEO Seattle” or “Seattle SEO agency” showing we practice what we preach.

Our founder, Brandon Na, has always believed in proving yourself before preaching your services to others. As a result, when he started the agency, he focused 100% of his efforts on garnering the #1 position before starting to speak to clients. While there is a chance in the future that for some reason we are displaced, we are not worried because we’ve bounced back from temporary changes. Google has a knack for making it almost impossible to stay #1, but we’ve managed to hold onto that position.

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