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“Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people – your family, friends, and coworkers, and even strangers you meet along the way.” – Barbara Bush, former first lady


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Following are a number of testimonials of Seattle Organic SEO Founder’s work with the many professionals he’s come in contact with over the years.  Also, sometimes pure rankings prove a point.  For a look at what type of rankings have been garnered by this Seattle SEO Firm, scroll to the bottom.



“We found ourselves in a very competitive seo  space and were having difficulty getting on the map. Brandon and his team took a scientific, “high road” approach and hit it hard right off the bat. We made it to the top for terms that previously seemed impossible to rank for. The tide is still rising and we are thankful for Seattle Organic SEO. “

Craig Williamson, President, MM Comfort Systems


Seattle Organic SEO has been an amazing find for our e-commerce business.  Brandon Na, the owner, has been great to work with.  We’ve received great personal service and real results as our sales have already increased within just 4 short months.  We have seen a dramatic increase in our organic results as well as a successful PPC campaign while still staying within our budget.   We’ve worked with two other SEO companies in the past 6 years (who’ve charged almost double) and they have not been able to deliver even close to the same results. But beyond that,  Brandon has done a fantastic job in educating us on what SEO truly is, breaking down all the confusing terminology and marketing methods for us to understand and always willing to share his knowledge, something we’ve never experienced before.  He’s a great communicator and offers the personal attention you don’t get anywhere else.  I highly recommend this company.

Jackie Broom, Co-Owner, Plastic Tanks Reseller GotoTanks.com


Just wanted to say a big thanks to you and your staff. Though I was totally oblivious (tried so hard to spell that right) to the SEO, PPC world, in just a few weeks working with you I feel like I am finally in the know. Sure, I got tons to learn, and many more adventures to take on, but the great thing is I have had fun learning along the way and feel my business and my personal learning has done leaps and bounds in progression.  In addition, I have seen an increase in my customers, although we have yet to get into the Organic SEO specifics.

Jinnellys Laviera, Laviera Photography, Connecticut Wedding Photographer


Brandon Na is a SEO genius, Glad I found him, good follow thru, great communication, quick results. If you are looking for a awesome SEO expert, Brandon Na is your man.  Thanks for your continued hard work Brandon.

J.Szczesny,  4 Seasons Home Inspections, Seattle Home Inspector


Brandon Na helped me finally get a handle on SEO.  Others had tried, he succeeded.  He showed patience and determination to help me unravel the mystery that is SEO. great experience and one I highly recommend.  Call him now or fumble around in the dark like I did for a year.  Your choice.


Mark Margolies, Sports Psychology Consultant, The Mental Game



“Brandon has a powerful grasp of high-concept thought with the ability to execute the minutia. Rock star on many levels.” June 12, 2007

seattle seo firm review

Brant Williams, Chief Marketing Officer at ReBinder, Adviser at Limeade



“While I did not work with Brandon directly at Amazon, from working with him outside of the organization I observed that he has excellent skills connecting people together and meeting goals.  His follow-up with people is tremendous as well.” June 14, 2007

seattle seo review Lisa Kothari, CEO & Founder of Peppers & Pollywogs



“Brandon is an amazing combination of talent, intellect, and energy. He is a professional who has a genuine passion for the work that he is doing. He is generous with his time and constant generation of ideas which will add value to your business. Additionally, his excellent communication skills & a high level of enthusiasm make him a delight to work with.”

seattle organic seo review Sejin Chung, (former) CEO & Founder, Muffin



“Brandon’s background is clearly rich with business experience, however he maintains a constant hunger to challenge himself further by taking on new roles. He is  genuinely passionate about his work and strives to maximize his potential  in multiple sectors of society. The promise of expanding his  already successful track record motivates me to want to work with Brandon again in the future. Both a visionary and implementer in one.” September 14, 2007

search engine optimization firm review Kathryn Hammelman, HR, Google.com



“I cannot think of anyone who has puts more energy and vigor into his work than Brandon. He is always thinking of ways to create/improve things. Brandon is a great blend of someone with the technical-know-how and big picture strategy and concepts. I highly recommend Brandon.” June 19, 2007

Tony Kim, (former) President, Korean American Professionals Society



“I have known Brandon for the past five years. We met through the Korean American Professionals Society, having worked together on numerous projects, including organizing charitable events, mentoring, and professional development. On any given project, Brandon has always put forth his best effort, and instilled much needed humor and humanity. He cares not only about what we were doing as an organization but who we affected. Brandon is the quintessential people person. He knows how to connect with others to bring forth the best results.”

seattle seo accolade Diana Young, Attorney



“Brandon Na is Superman! No seriously, I know this from personally working with him, first as my Head Instructor, then as my Faculty Manager and then as the Director of Human Resources. The reason he has moved through the ranks so quickly is because of his skill of communication and understanding. When it comes to dealing with so many levels and departments and personalities, he knows how to listen. Specifically with the Korean staff and the Foreign teachers, he is always finding the most creative solution that will effectively benefit both parties. Brandon is the boss you can trust and count on. He is constantly working above and beyond his “normal” duties, and is definitely someone you would want to be working for!” January 29, 2009

seo service firm review Jinny Park, (former)Instructor, Chungdahm Learning



“I’ve known Brandon for 15+ years and he has always impressed me as a highly talented and hard working individual. I’ve always taken note of his great leadership and communication skills.” June 15, 2007

seattle seo co review Derek Wong, Professional Photographer

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