The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake.”
-Meister Eckhart, 13th Century Theologian & Writer

The Search Engine Optimization field is in it’s early stages as a “industry.”   I’d say SEO is at best only a field that’s been around about 10-15 years or so, unlike other more mature fields like Real Estate or hiring an Attorney.  Currently, the demand is quite high and over time, rates will probably decrease.  As a result, you’ll see most of the SEO Consultants, SEO Firms and Agencies typically FAIL to list their SEO rates.  Instead, you’ll see:

  • Fill out a form.  (Wait in line.  You’ll be lucky if we get back to you. )
  • Contact us today!  (We’ll get back to you tomorrow.  I mean, the day after.  Wait a second…maybe it will be next year?)

My goal for my clients has always been to get GREAT SERVICE at a fair price.  With that said, there is a good reason why many of the SEO Consultants out there do ask you to call or email them to quote you an exact price for the job.  It’s because you could be asking them to do 1000 hours of work for a $1000 dollars.  I don’t think they think, nor do I that our services are worth $1 an hour.  Do you?  Nevertheless, you’re a busy decision maker trying to make your business grow & don’t have lots of time to ask around.  So, here’s the nitty gritty…

Pricing for Organic SEO Services:

Small Business SEO Packages:

A: Standard Small Business SEO Package$1500

Services provided in package A include:

  • Analytics and Webmasters Tools Setup
  • Rigorous Homepage Keyword Research
  • Press Release Submission
  • On-Site Recommendations & Implementation including, but not limited to: Title Tag Optimization, Working on HTML Source Code, Image & Hyperlink Optimization, Semantic URL Consulting, Header Tag Optimization, Canonicalization
  • Linkbuilding Support & Guidance including Strategic Anchor Text Distribution
  • Exclusive List of Websites to obtain extra business and Links
  • Professional Extranet for Client Access
  • Ongoing Support for 9 months+

B: Small Business SEO Pay For Rankings – $500 down & tiered structure for rankings attained in later months

C: Customized SEO Pricing Solutions**

  • Project Based Contract (after detailed examination of SEO needs)
  • Pay for Traffic plans
  • Pay AFTER ranking with small down payment

Hourly SEO Consulting


D: A’la carte SEO Services (Please inquire, but using the hourly rate above, we can provide: SEO Assessment, directory submissions (so you don’t have to do it), link building & publicity campaigns, On page customization and adjustments, blogging advice, and much more!)

Please note that all can depend on any of these major factors

  • Size & Complexity of Website
  • Size of Brand/Organization
  • Difficulty of Project / Competitiveness of Rankings

But each plan has standard offerings which will be clearly detailed in the initial orientation meeting.  We are flexible and can adjust to almost any situation.  Feel free to suggest any reasonable adjustments to the payment structure.  Again, we’re in the belief of charging a fair price for both your needs and our time.

We also do offer PPC (pay per click) consulting along with social media marketing assistance, but please refer to the hourly charges above to get an idea of what would be charged to obtain these services from Seattle Organic SEO.  Additionally, we do assist new small businesses and professionals help with creating websites or getting their current websites upgraded.

Pricing for our Website Consulting & Development

A: Basic Search Engine Optimized Website – $200 (plus additional hosting & domain registration costs, if not secured before obtaining help from us; hosting can be as little as $8.95 a month & securing a domain name is advertised as little as a few dollars, but that’s usually .info domains and you get what you pay for.  I’d advise using a decent registrar and paying around $10/year – give or take a few dollars)

B: Custom Website or Upgrades to your Website – Hourly rate plus additional Website Developer & Designer Costs

**Customized Solutions require a bit of outlining the “details” for both client and Seattle Organic SEO to prevent any confusion.  They can be complex in nature, but ultimately, they can help “work around” each clients specific needs.