You all probably know the Forbes Richest List.   It regularly gives us updates on the most affluent people in society.   Today, the list placed Jeff Bezos up top.   Tomorrow, who knows?

Before we get into it, let us ask you a few questions:

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Regardless, we were wondering who people are “looking for” online despite their position with regards to their financial prowess.   Well, let’s start off with who’s the richest today according to the list:

World’s Top 10 Richest – June 2021

Most Popular Rich Person by Search Volume – USA

1. Elon Musk – 2,240,000 searches/mo – despite being only the 3rd richest today

2. Jeff Bezos – 1,220,000 searches/mo – despite being the richest in the world, he has 1/2 of Musk

3. Bill Gates – 1,000,000 searches/mo

4. Mark Zuckerberg – 550,000 searches/mo

5. Warren Buffet – 368,000 searches/mo

6. Bernard Arnault & Larry Ellison (tied) – 90,500 searches/mo

8. Larry Page – 74,000 searches/mo

9. Sergey Brin – 49,500 searches/mo

Interesting facts regarding these searches in the US for the Forbes list of the world’s richest:

  • Google has no estimates of the 10th richest in the world and the richest woman in the world “francoise bettencourt meyers” or “francoise bettencourt”
  • “elon musk twitter” is searched more than the 5th highest searched here (warren buffet) at 450,000 times a month
  • “melinda gates” is searched more than the 6th place ranked richest at 301,000 times a month
  • other family members who are highly sought after online are “justine musk” at 135,000/mo (Elon’s ex-wife), “mackenzie bezos” at 110,000/mo (Jeff Bezos’ ex), “priscilla chan” at the same (Zuckerberg’s wife), “rory john gates” (Bill & Melinda Gates’ son) at the same amount/mo & “Lauren Sanchez” at the same amount a month (Jeff Bezos current partner)

Most Popular Rich Person by Search Volume – World

1. Elon Musk – 9,140,000 searches/mo – despite being only the 3rd richest today

2. Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates (tied) – 4,090,000 searches/mo – despite being the richest in the world, he has 1/2 of Musk

4. Mark Zuckerberg – 2,240,000 searches/mo

5. Warren Buffet – 1,500,000 searches/mo

6. Bernard Arnault – 673,000 searches/mo

7. Larry Page – 450,000 searches/mo

8. Larry Ellison & Sergey Brin (tied) – 246,000 searches/mo

Most Popular Rich Person by Total Search Volume

In the aforementioned, we look at each individual’s top search by volume, but if you look at all the combined terms that relate to the main seed keyword.   Let’s look at each of these barons and the interest around all the terms related to them:

1. Elon Musk – 34,876,200 combined searches of 725 keyword ideas related to the man.   In January 2021, the combined phrases created the significant volume.   At the low end, there were ~8.5 million searches for all the combined terms in October 2020.

2. Bill Gates – 30,215,700 searches were conducted in the most recent month available (May 2021) most likely due to the news of Bill & Melinda Gates’ divorce.   A combined 784 keyword phrases generated this total.   At the low end, approximately ~5.6 mill searches/mo occur with these hundreds of phrases; it’s also very steady all year long

3. Jeff Bezos – 9,057,000 searches were conducted with 623 related keywords including “amazon owner” (135,000/mo), “amazon ceo” (same volume), and “jeff bezos fortune” (18,100/mo) and at the low end, it’s ~4.1 mill/mo for all 623 terms

4. Mark Zuckerberg – Over 775 phrases, about 4.69 million searches/mo occur with phrases like “zuckerberg” (201,000 searches/mo), “facebook owner” (60,500/mo), or “zuckerberg surfing” (12,100/mo)

5. Warren Buffet – across 849 phrases, approximately ~2.5 million searches/mo occur for this omaha oracle including phrases like “susan alice buffet” (22,200/mo) or “becoming warren buffet” (9900/mo) or “warren buffet quotes” (74,000/mo)

6. Bernard Arnault – 92 keyword phrases generate 2.09 mill/mo

7. Larry Page – 105 phrases generate 655k/mo

8. Larry Ellison – 107 phrases generate 378k/mo

9. Sergey Brin – 68 keywords generate 334k/mo

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