Latest 2022 Comscore Search Engine Market Data

Comscore’s Latest Search Engine Market Share Data – Jan 2022


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As of January of this year, Comscore has reported Google’s market dominance is still above 60%, but Microsoft’s Bing has continued to capture more than 25% of the US search volume here in 2022.   The Redmond based technology monolith now has 26.8% of all US searches while Mountain View company retains 61.4% of US searches. The technology behemoth’s brand, we use synonymously as an internet search, has been quietly losing market share since 2015 to Microsoft.   We reported in October 2012 how Bing took over Yahoo the #2 position when Google was still over 65% of the US market’s searches.    Five (5) percent of searches could be as high as over a BILLION searches a month in today’s market.

Comscore Explicit Core Search Share Report (Desktop Only)  December 2021 vs January 2022

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Comscore Explicit Core Search Query Report (Desktop Only)  December 2021 vs January 2022

According to Comscore, over 20 billion searches occur monthly in the US w/ Google still remaining dominant with over 12 and a 1/2 billion searches a month.   Microsoft’s sites including Bing have close to 5 and a half billion at 5.462 billion with both Google & Bing along with Verizon’s search engines (i.e., Yahoo) gowing at a 7% clip vs. December 2021.  

While Google averaged a similar number of searches monthly as many as a decade ago, Bing has literally doubled since our first tracking in 2012/2011.   At the time, Bing had just surpassed Yahoo’s 2.6 billion/month search volume with 2.7 billion/month.   Bing has come a long way since starting the entire kit and kaboodle in June 2009.

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The Latest 2022 Comscore Search Engine Market Data

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