Both Google & Bing Grow in the Fall of 2022
US search engine market share

In our last check in early 2022, Google was still above 60% search engine market share.   However, after more than a 1/2 a year, they remain at the same levels.   Bing though has grown since then and now holds close to 28% from February 2022’s search engine market share numbers (26.8%) according to Comscore.

Number of Monthly Searches in the United States

Comscore Explicit Core Search Query Report (Desktop Only) July 2022 vs August 2022 When it comes to total number of searches, the numbers are down from January, but up from February where we saw a loss in monthly search volume.   Obviously, there are more days in January which bolsters the month, but even July’s numbers for both search behemoths was down from the first part of the year.

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