Not sure why companies feel compelled to make it as tough as possible to reach them, but for now, we thought we would share the phone number and customer support site in case you need anything re: “Google Guaranteed.”

Google Guaranteed 1-800 Number


Yup, that’s the phone number on their site.

Google Guaranteed Customer Support

And here’s the link to their support department.

They do their typical requests for many sets of details.   So, make sure you have:

  • topic you want to ping them about
  • they’ll want you to tag it with some preset categories:
    • Advertiser Issues
    • Consumer Issues
    • Other
  • Customer ID (for your google ads account which they’ll prepopulate if you’re logged in)
  • You’ll have the option to chat with them or email them
  • And then they’ll ask you to select a topic (again) from another pre-populated list

  • They’ll ask for your “Local Services Ads Customer ID” (which isn’t required, but they’ll ask)
  • Contact name
  • Contact email
  • Email CC
  • Question or issue *

And you’ll be able to attach a screenshot.

Fortunately, they still have support.   The question is how fast they get back to you!

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