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translate is the most searched thing

It’s taken 2+ years, but we’ve finally finished our analysis of the MOST sought after things on the Internet.

In this version of our study, we focused mainly on what people are asking us to tell them:

What is the most searched thing on the Internet?

Answer: “Translate”

For over 10 years, we’ve been examining the top keywords and for a good half of that (probably more), we’ve been analyzing and putting together the data presenting the most popular search keywords.  One of the reasons we decided to do the study is that we found (at that time) that for every permutation of the search of “what is the most searched thing on internet?” that there was less relevant content.  But now you can localize a site and translate it in minutes with other some services online like Localizer.co website localization, that would help you find and translate any site you want. 

We’ve been frustrated with the many lists out there that give false information.  We’ve posted about it before and while they are depending on another source for their data, they should be doing the auditing that we’ve been constantly doing.  It’s one of the reasons why it takes so long to get this study published.

Without more rambling, here’s:

Part 1: The Most Searched Topics/Things on the Internet:

2017 - top 100 searched things on the internet part 1

*And to elucidate a tad on the methodology even though we’ve done it a bit in the past, we not only aggregated all the contemporary lists out there on the internet, but we audited the results and made sure we presented the current data as of March 27th, 2017.  These are the latest estimates that Google’s Keyword Planner predicts is the monthly traffic for these terms.

Part II of the Most Searched Things on the Internet:

2017's top 100 things searched on the internet

**Do note, we took out the top brand names in this year’s study.  “Facebook” is still the most searched (or most used for navigation in browsers) word/phrase at over 3 billion searches a month.  However, it has fallen from its height in earlier years when it was close to 4 billion searches a month (or again, navigational search).

Additionally, we omitted letters out of the list as well since 25 of the 26 letters of the alphabet sans “z” showed up in the Top 103 searched phrases.  We believe they are also navigational searches since they correlate with the top brands like “Google” or “Facebook.” For example, the letter “f,” our most popular single character search is tied for #24th being punched in over 83 million times a month and most likely leading to Facebook.  “G” is the next popular phrase, tied for 33rd most popular.  Nevertheless, we focused on the “topics” or “things” that people are searching for and not brands.

Also, there were a total of 103 keywords/phrases due to many of the phrases being estimated at the same amount.

Most Searched Keywords on the Internet
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Most Searched Keywords on the Internet
Auditing every possible source, we found the most searched things/topics on Google and the Internet
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  • Nick

    So are you saying that from 2014 when adult related material was the most popular and many of the top search terms related to that – those terms eg “porn”have now pretty well dropped out of the top 100 ?

    • Actually, this excludes adult searches. This list of “things” (or topics) within the top 100 excludes brand name searches (i.e. Facebook) and permutations of them (I.e. “Facebook login”), letter searches (which are more navigational like “f” and the suggested website usually being Facebook) and yes, adult terms/phrases.

      Looks like you’ve read the lists. Cheers.

      • Oh, you confused me a bit when using my photo as your profile photo. Nice find on image search and uploading it as yours. Lol.

        Am I now becoming famous?

        • Nick

          Hi Brandon – thanks for the reply – re your image – don’t worry nothing sinister- I replied as a guest ( I think) and the site automatically assigned the post with the avatar !?
          Re your findings – am I correct in saying that your latest study is using different parameters and criteria to the 2014 study you did ? I am asking because I am interested in whether or not adult material is still dominating the internet ? My guess is that adult content searches and views is still going up but as more ” mainstream ” content becomes available and more mobile usage takes over the % of adult material as a use for the Internet will be dropping ?

          • No worries at all.

            Yah, they could be, but I’ve moved away from all searches to all searches minus the categories you speak of.

            I have all the data, but don’t have the time to crunch it. Sorry.

          • Nick

            No worries – thanks for your help !!

          • Of course. Anytime.