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Steps to a successful PPC Campaign PPC (i.e., Pay Per Click) advertising is the quickest return on your investment. In contrast, Organic SEO Services provide clients results after a longer period of rising to the top of the natural search engine results pages.  We highly recommend doing both if you are in need of immediate web traffic.  However, we do our best to wean clients off this relatively pricey marketing solution which can be HIGHLY effective after Organic rankings are attained.

Our PPC services start at $300 a month for maintaining accounts on Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Microsoft adCenter.  There is also a $300 set up fee as well for the starting package.  Many hours go into truly providing a great starting campaign and also making sure the campaign is continuously optimized.  Periodically, we are able to provide free PPC services if you do purchase one of our monthly Organic SEO packages.  Please ask to see if we’re offering that currently.


Pay Per Click Success Stories:

Case #1: Goto Plastics spends thousands a month with very limited communication and also conversions up through 2010.  Seattle Organic SEO takes over the PPC Management in 2011 and owners of the company report a 25% increase in business despite a decrease in PPC spend through our management efforts.

“Seattle Organic SEO has been an amazing find for our e-commerce business.  Brandon Na, the owner, has been great to work with.  We’ve received great personal service and real results as our sales have already increased within just 4 short months.  We have seen a dramatic increase in our organic results as well as a successful PPC campaign while still staying within our budget.   We’ve worked with two other SEO companies in the past 6 years (who’ve charged almost double) and they have not been able to deliver even close to the same results. But beyond that,  Brandon has done a fantastic job in educating us on what SEO truly is, breaking down all the confusing terminology and marketing methods for us to understand and always willing to share his knowledge, something we’ve never experienced before.  He’s a great communicator and offers the personal attention you don’t get anywhere else.  I highly recommend this company.”

Jackie Broom, Co-Owner, Plastic Tanks Reseller

Case #2: Within weeks of starting to work with Seattle Organic SEO, Toginet’s Station Owner was shocked at how fast SOS helped the station reach its’ goals.  Using a mix of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and starting his SEO campaign, Toginet was already meeting monthly goals within days.  Martin expounds “We tried running Google Adwords before on our own, but this time around with SOS’s expert help, our phones started ringing off the hook immediately.  Not only did it cost less than I thought, but Seattle Organic SEO also threw in a little $100 free bonus to make it even cheaper.  I realized after our first week that there’s a right way to do PPC marketing and there’s a wrong way.  The right way involves hiring Seattle Organic SEO.”

-John Martin, CEO,