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Seattle Organic SEO (SOS) was founded with the primary goal of helping the small businesses throughout the U.S. which are the foundation of our great country.

Supporting individuals who take huge chances in their lives to go out on their own truly fulfills the core beliefs of the founder of SOS. It is inspiring to see the growth of their businesses and it’s even more enjoyable to help them get where they want via our efforts.  The will and hard work of the small business entrepreneurs to help the many great consumers of our world get better products with better service is why we exist. It will always be a focus of the SEO firm to help these industrious entrepreneurs.

In time, SOS will build a great online resources page for entrepreneurs to build their companies to the “next level.”  For now, this page detailing “small business resources” is where they are.  Additionally, SOS has aggregated some incredible online resources for non-profits.  Feel free to visit or read more about all the great non-profit SEO resources here.

Currently, the two best online strategies are Organic SEO Services and PPC advertising.  The latter gives you a quicker bang for your buck and the former allows you to rise in the search engine results pages and compete withe the more heavily financed companies in the world.  It’s surprising how many larger corporations fail to understand SEO and many small businesses are taking their market share day by day.  Truly, there has never been a time in history where small business can effectively compete with big corporations head to head.


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