seo holiday giveaway
As a way to celebrate the holiday spirit  here at the end of a brutal year for many small businesses, we’ve decided to give a free SEO package worth a minimum $1200 and as much as a hundred thousand dollars a month or more (if you calculate all the free online advertising your website will get moving forward) to 3 very deserving small businesses. Seattle Organic SEO aspires to boost the local community by supporting small businesses who constantly aim to serve their clients and customers with the utmost respect, but also contribute to their local and global communities in rich & positive ways.  It shouldn’t be just everyday consumers giving holiday donations, but we think it should also be businesses giving even larger gifts to our local areas, if possible.

The free small business SEO package includes:

Keyword research on various phrases related to your busines, keyword targeting on one phrase at least agreed by you and Seattle Organic SEO, On-site search engine optimization, and linkbuilding services to help your website rank in the top results for the keyword phrase agreed upon.  An additional bonus will be a full year of support (as a minimum) helping you with your company’s online needs throughout 2011.

To apply for the Seattle Organic SEO Holiday Give Away, either leave your small business contact information below in the comments (and we’ll send you an application) or send us an email with your company’s website, your goals, and most importantly why you are a great business which helps “better the Seattle area” and if available, why you “better the world.”   Seattle Organic SEO will pick from the entrants and select 3 deserving small businesses to start work on their site no later than 2011, but possibly as early as December 2010.

And we at Seattle Organic SEO want to wish you all out there a very Happy and Safe Holidays!!

  • Paul Freed

    Hey – as a small business guy, I'm always looking for good ideas! Thanks for spreading some holiday cheer…
    Paul Freed

  • terry

    Hey Byung, glad to see you your new (and necessary) business and the great promotion. Put us in the running Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Thanks Paul for your submission. Looks like you're running an Executive Search Firm. Will check it out soon. Hope your Thanksgiving went well!

  • Thanks Terry. Appreciate the thoughts. You're doing well, as usual, I assume. 🙂

  • Hey Brandon,

    I would love to enter the running for the Christmas give away.



  • Thanks Wake for your submission. We'll get back to you regarding the results soon! Happy Holidays!

  • Brett Flemming

    I have designed and manufacture (Right here in Washington State) a helmet mounted bicycle mirror that has already enjoyed a bit of success, but needs to be easier to find. Thousands of customers have told me it is the best mirror
    they have ever tired…..period. But, I am afraid that my marketing effortsm relative to telling the mirror’s story are meager at best.
    Brett Flemming, Owner Efficient Velo Tools LLC Vancouver, WA

  • Brett Flemming

    Looks like my typing efforts are meager as well, please forgive my lack of proofing.

  • Organic SEO

    I think this blog is informative. Please keep up the good work.give more details about the organic seo services for the websites,Thanks.

  • brandon

    Thanks Organic SEO. Looks like you’re in the business as well. Best of luck this holiday season and appreciate the comments.

  • brandon

    Thanks Brett. You’re in the running now for the free organic package. Just briefly looking at your site, you seem like you’re doing a great endeavor. Talk to you more soon! Cheers.

  • Hey, I want to participate as well, check out


  • Josh W

    How do we apply? What do we have to do?

  • Basically, you can either leave some details about your website and if you don’t mind, just some details why you should be chosen over others who apply. We have 7 applicants thus far. There’s still a decent chance that you might win! Happy Holidays!


  • Josh W

    Can I send you an email on the contact form? We’re in the early stages of our website. We would like to keep it somewhat private. I’ll send you an email. Thanks.

  • brandon

    Sounds good. We look forward to hearing from you…

  • nate flanders

    There’s lots of useful advice on this website.