Pinterest SEO Part Deux: I told you So

A year ago, I wrote a post: Pinterest SEO – You better jump on the bandwagon for this Social Media Site.  It was based not only on my own belief this website had all the makings of the next Facebook, but it also had some great statistics behind it.  The growth of the website where you can save images to little boards you create & save came out of nowhere.  Nobody suspected that “pinning” would catch on as quickly as it did, but as I explained, it was similar to the “like” phenomenon.  Also, the concept of creating followers like Twitter was appealing as well.  Nevertheless, the site was skyrocketing up the Internet traffic charts:  Continue reading “Pinterest SEO Part Deux: I told you So” »

Top 10 SEO Tools for 2014 just recently did a survey with 3700 online marketing specialists called the “2014 Industry Survey” which focuses obviously on the “online world.”

In the survey, they exposed what the 3700 folks though were the tools search engine marketers used for organic search.  They are:

2014 Top SEO Tools

Content Marketing Works – Really…

As the SEO industry went through a thorough shake out in early 2013, many people pointed to a strategy that’s been intuitive since the dawn of history: build good content and they will come.

Content marketing frankly has been the reason why newspapers and magazines have made trillions over the years and why a startup that focuses on content marketing just received $9 million in startup capital.  For the past 8+ months, I’ve frankly helped build up the organic traffic for a Chinese Test Prep company I work for full time through building somewhat decent topical posts about the SAT or SSAT.  With just one person’s limited production of blog posts re: the topic, I’ve managed to increase the organic traffic 300% in the 2/3′s of a year I’ve been here.

So, I decided to profile 5 businesses that Mashable wrote about which “rock content marketing.” and share a few “content marketing infographics” that will be handy in you finding more out about what most of have known for years.

The first is Zady which sells apparel online.  Unlike which grew incredibly fast via social media, it looks like these guys are doing it according to Mashable through building the right content that people are attracted to.   Continue reading “Content Marketing Works – Really…” »

Seattle SEO Prophecy Comes True

Carl – I told you so…

Back in 2010, a little group of SEO professionals decided to create a local trade group for an early developing industry: search engine optimization. The name of the group: Seattle SEO Network. The founders: Carl Larson, Alex Kline, Gabriel Gervelis, Wendy Williams, Cindy Lavoie, Jeff Sliger and myself started what may some day be the default local trade group for this budding industry.

We had hopes it could help all the small businesses in the local area have more trust for SEO’s locally.  We had big dreams in promoting the industry since it was a fledgling one at the time and still is to a considerable extent.

Here’s a picture of us in an office Gabe let us use in one of the earlier meetings.  I’m in the back in the blue track suit looking down.

At the time of the founding, I bought the domain because it was available. While brain storming ideas and domains for the organization, I found that and .com were available.  After the success of our website/company garnering #1 positions for both “seattle seo” and “seo seattle,” I knew if we pooled together our resources and talents, the organization could easily overtake my company and any other local SEO if we wanted to with the domain.  I had to make a call: do I share the news or do I hold onto it myself?  Also, do I hand it over to the organization or can they trust me that I would simply keep it live for the organization.

I decided to share the news and also open the discussion for the organization taking over the domain.  Instead of just talking about it and creating the option of me simply managing the domains from my domain account, one of our founders – Carl Larson objected to me owning the domain and more importantly, refused to let me hold onto the management of the domain.  He said that it was impossible for me to hold onto it.  Despite my promise and agreement to even sign any legal documentation, he wouldn’t let me have the option.  Before being guilted into giving over the domain, I decided already I was going to to do what was best for the group.  Nevertheless, it felt a bit “funny” (to say the least) in being threatened to give it over.

Today, I looked at the search and my prediction came true 3+ years later. Continue reading “Seattle SEO Prophecy Comes True” »

No More Keyword Tool

Life is over for SEO’s…not!

Now we have a thing called Keyword Planner that has replaced the Keyword Tool.  When you attempt to click on the link that looks like  “” normally, it will redirect you to the “Adwords Support Article” that explains about the changes.

In general, you’ll just need to depend on the new tool if you’re hoping to do the same keyword research you did in the past.

How to Add a New User to your Google Analytics Account

For us to do a great job for anyone, we need to have more information vs. less.  As a result, I usually ask for Google Analytics permission from prospective and definitely paying clients because it helps us get a clearer picture of how things were and how things “could be” after we help them.  I don’t know why I haven’t created a post up through now about this, but a new client was asking about it and it dawned on me that I should finally do it!

So, here it goes:

How to add another person onto your Google Analytics Account

Step #1: Obviously, log into your Google Analytics Account

Step #2: With the initial screen, there should be a menu item that says “Admin” – click on it to get to the Admin screen

I’ve added a little red arrow to point it out.  

Continue reading “How to Add a New User to your Google Analytics Account” »

6 Tips for International SEO

Just read a reasonable article/post about International SEO.  Thought I’d share:

Interesting Advice regarding Global Search Engine Optimization

A few key takeaways to work with to help International/local targeting:

1. Language and its diacritics/characters are a collection of rules specific to a language and/or a geographic area. Whenemploying a local campaign, limit the code and semantics to one dialect, or prepare separate micro-sites, sub-domains or applications to target each location.

2. Place text that has been translated into a database, a separate file, or a particular location within a file. This will enableand inform targeted indexing and thus correct serving of your content.

3. Place keywords in the target language (with special characters) in your URLs.

4. Implement “Lang” attributes within your coding and select your targeted country within webmaster tools.

5. Consider in-country hosting or local rerouting options.

6. Comply with rules and algorithms of in country search engines.

The rest of the post is here.

Kate Uptin is 2013′s Sports Ilustrated Swimsoot Issue Covr Gurl

So, why are we posting about some hot body on Sports Illustrated?  And why are there so many spelling errors in the title?

Today, on google trends we learned that a trend in searches is “kate upton” (spelled correctly) garnering the top searches on google for Feb 8, 2013.  It’s early…so it might be more than the 50,000 or so searches that they are currently estimating.

Well, the news reminded me of me of a post that I had mispelled Miss USA in 2009.  Instead of correctly spelling “miss”, I labeled it on purpose as “Ms” to see what sort of search results I could garner.  I called the post “A sick Ms. Indiana wins the 2009 Miss America pageant.”  You noticed that I mispelled it in the initial iteration of “miss”?  First, the spelling error is to the left and possibly giving more weight to the post’s mispelling instead of the correct spelling of the title.   The post got me close to 500 visits due to it.  Continue reading “Kate Uptin is 2013′s Sports Ilustrated Swimsoot Issue Covr Gurl” »

Checking out a website’s backlinks – who to use?

I got this email from LinkedIn in an SEO group I joined a while back called SEO Dojo.  The guy asked:

I’m working on a site and while checking the PR of blog posts, I found a page that has PR 4. The interesting fact about the page is that when I check that page in OSE, it says that No Data is Available for that URL. How can a page have PR 4 with no links? The page is not linked from the home page nor any other important page with high PR.
If someone have the right answer, please write it here.

To me the answer was obvious.  You need to check multiple sources including Google Webmasters if you’ve set it up.   My recommendations were to check out also Majestic SEO which runs from free (limited access) to £250.00 monthly.  I’ve used them for a bit for my data and like the data I can use to compare my client’s sites vs. competitors.  ahrefs is the new guy on the block, but is becoming a popular service that many are using and supporting including   Continue reading “Checking out a website’s backlinks – who to use?” »

Top Vine Videos you can See on a Website

The new hot social media website Vine doesn’t make it easy to share.

However, we’re going to do it for them for now until they figure out how to embed like Youtube allows.  Her’e’s a collection of the Top Vines we could find for you:

Top Funny Vines:

Frankly, we couldn’t find a collection of funny Vines for you & we can’t embed the Editors’ picks or by #Topic videos, but we did find that Jimmy Fallon likes the new app & shared a few with us. So, we’ll call his videos the Top Funny Vines for now until we find a better selection. Ha, ha!

The thing about Vine:

The meaning of life: Continue reading “Top Vine Videos you can See on a Website” »

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